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Stewart Slams GOP/Faux Hypocrisy… Yet Again

There’s a reason Jon Stewart is the most trusted name in news. It’s not just because he rips on Republicans on a regular basis; rather, it’s because he points out failings and inconsistencies in both parties and amongst people all along the political spectrum. While I was disappointed that he didn’t stick it properly to John Yoo a couple of nights ago, he has done some stellar interviews that should make any halfway objective pundit or broadcaster proud. But despite his willingness to take down hypocrites and liars in both parties, it does often seem that his scathing satire more frequently targets Republicans — but not without reason.

As surely as facts have a liberal bias, hypocrisy has a conservative one. Let me be clear: This is not to say that Democrats (and truly, politicians in general) cannot be hypocrites. But when it comes to flagrant, vile, in-your-face, hysterical, mind-boggling hypocrisy, the Grand Old Party takes the cake. You know, the kind of hypocrisy that makes your head ache and pound near to the point of imminent explosion and your blood pressure skyrocket so quickly you get dizzy spells that rival those brought on by a strong, expensive dose of…  

Who here loves hypocrisy?

Dana Lithwick at talks about one of my pet peeves; intellectual dishonesty, and hypocrisy.

Senate Republicans roughing up Obama’s pick for his solicitor general, Elena Kagan, this afternoon on the Senate floor as they voted on her confirmation. She was confirmed by a vote of 61-31.

Now, this is in spite of the fact that every solicitor general since 1985- including Ken Starr– vouched for her credentials, and noted they supported her nomination. Sadly, Senate Republicans couldn’t follow that example. Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, in particular, just couldn’t stand the fact that Ms. Kagan didn’t provide enough information about her ideological views.

Funny that.