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A Tale of Two Rallies

Two rallies were held this weekend in Alaska.  One, for the McCain-Palin ticket.  The other: Obama-Biden.

Which one got more support by about a four-to-one margin?


VP Debates: McCain Campaign Pre-emptively Admits Defeat

With the intellectual equivalent of  surrendering before the battle has actually started, the McCain campaign today stated that they would appreciate it if their VP candidate could do her first debate without any actual, you know, “debating” involved.

Patrick Healy at the New York times has this:

At the insistence of the McCain campaign, the Oct. 2 debate between the Republican nominee for vice president, Gov. Sarah Palin, and her Democratic rival, Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr., will have shorter question-and-answer segments than those for the presidential nominees, the advisers said. There will also be much less opportunity for free-wheeling, direct exchanges between the running mates.

McCain advisers said they had been concerned that a loose format could leave Ms. Palin, a relatively inexperienced debater, at a disadvantage and largely on the defensive.

No kidding.

Yes She Can!

Can Sara Palin unite the Democratic Party? Yes she can! I have been trying to watch the Republican National Convention this week and really the only thing I could force myself to take in, whilst heavily medicated, was McCain’s speech. I did choose coffee and chocolate as the main part of my regimen, but I am still on pain killers, and taking one was a serious error.

John McCain’s speech was the most boring, annoying, and inadequate speech I have ever heard a nominee of either party give. The only thing that helped me remain awake, was the chatter on mydd and the green screen. I had visions of all of the things Colbert will do with that green screen, and it made me smile.

That was good, because I must say McCain’s biography and Fred Thompson’s introduction scared me to death. McCain was thankfully boring and not frightening. However I did get these horrible images of Fred Thompson, Joe Leiberman, and John McCain in the White House for the next four years, and had a very nasty zombie nightmare early this morning. I loves me some zombie movies, but perhaps I need to cut back.

I did not watch Palin as I was out Thursday night. I am not yet prepared, to subject myself to Mrs Palin. What I find odd, is that many of the people who tried to say that Obama or Clinton are not experienced or qualified to be POTUS, are giving Palin a total pass. I feel that John McCain’s choice of Sara Palin to be a terribly shameful objectification of women for the purpose of winning the White House. Sara Palin is the only person running on the national tickets that has not earned her spot. For the republicans to use the worst kind of tokenism is disgusting. Does McCain think he could not die? How does he really think a President Palin would do?

Joe Biden Rocks Sarasota – Townhall, 09-03-08

I had the pleasure of volunteering at a Joe Biden event last night here in Sarasota.  In Booker Highschool’s gymnasium (the school Syesha attended, for you Idol fans), a standing-room only crowd gathered.  My team of folks helped the elderly and disabled in and took care of them, two elderly ladies had a hard time with the heat and it was my honor to walk them into the gym and fuss over them with water and attention.


Senator Biden showed up just about on time, not bad for having done three previous events yesterday.  He gave a twenty minute speech that was very well delivered and very well received, followed by an hour of question and answer.  

Biden is VP?

Well, is it true?

If CNN says so, can it possibly be wrong?