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Troopergate Report Diary – Busted! [UPDATED x7]

[UPDATE 4] 9:28pm  The report is out, and in brief it says: [sic]”She definitely did abuse power and break trust with the people, but we don’t recommend a criminal investigation.”

What this means is that those of her base will continue to be excited by what a Mavericky Maverick she is, and those on the fence will have yet another reason to question every word that comes out of her mouth.

She broke the public trust and abused the power of her office.

Expect the MSM to talk about this all weekend in between discussing how much the GOP has hosed the economy.


The “Troopergate” report on Governor Palin’s abuse of power is in the hands of the Legislative Council right now.  They got their hands on the 200+ page report and 600+ pages of backup documentation this morning at 9am local time (1pm ET).


I am going to keep tabs on this and update this diary as events unfold.

Palin Failin’ on Troopergate

Sarah Palin has seen better days.  Heck, she’s seen better weeks, better months and – by the time this VP mis-choice is over – better years.

Troopergate just went nukular.

“In Dozens of Calls, Palins and Aides Pressed for Trooper’s Removal” NYT


Governor Pain

Sarah Palin has been: busted using Yahoo personal email to go around the requirement of transparency and accountability in government affairs; kicked out of a speaking position at a jewish group’s event on Monday after trying to turn it into a campaign event; pulled off a trip to California; ordered her husband to commit contempt of court, who will likely be charged for this in January when the Alaskan Legislature is in session; caught taking 11 items through the ten-item lane at Wiggly Piggly…


You know, this is just getting boring.

The Best Defense is Offensive

The McCain campaign is now accusing fired Alaskan Public Safety Director Walt Monegan of “insubordination”, according to papers filed Monday by would-be President Puti…, sorry – “Palin”.