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Women in Congo Succeeding Together

Some of you here know me and are familiar with my interest in development and gender equality in Democratic Republic of the Congo. You have extended kind comments and interest in diaries I’ve written about HEAL Africa in the past, and expressed interest in new projects I stumble across. Well, today I want to tell you about something new and wonderful. I also have an action item for you at the end.

First, I want you to meet Judy Anderson. Here, she is being interviewed at Clinton Global Initiative while she was director at the US based HEAL Africa, which she and her husband Dick founded:

Judy is a talented facilitator. She has been working with national leaders, vulnerable people, and communities to find real solutions so people in Congo can build a better life. She grew up in Congo, and has been focused on helping groups address health, leadership, gender equality, economic growth, and conflict resolution for most of her adult life. Her focus and commitment recently lead her and Dick to found a new non-profit organization called ACT for Congo.

ACT’s website is under construction and the tax status is still pending, but Judy is hard at work supporting real change. I think this organization is a genuine treasure. Following lessons learned by Robert Chambers (see Rural Development: Putting the Last First or Whose Reality Counts: Putting the First Last) and Paulo Freire, her goal is to find a way to support effective development projects in Congo that are run by proven Congolese community leaders and grassroots organizers. She partners with credible organizations who are doing effective work and demonstrating measurable, positive change in DRC communities.

International relief organizations have their role in helping countries ravaged by famine, upheaval, and war, but they execute temporary projects with finite goals. External relief does not often create any lasting positive change. Lasting change in Congo has to come from the people of Congo.  

The Daily F Bomb, Friday 3/7/14


What is your favorite cereal? Milk or no milk?

What books are you reading right now?

Who is your favorite historic (pre-20th Century) person?

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The Daily F Bomb, Thursday 3/6/14


What is your favorite kind of cracker? What do you like to have on your cracker?

Who’s your favorite astronaut?

Do you ever eat frozen food (after it’s thawed and prepared, of course)? Examples?

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The Daily F Bomb, Wednesday 3/5/14


When was the last time you went to the dentist? How was it?

What is your favorite branch of science?

What critically acclaimed movie did you hate?

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The Daily F Bomb, Tuesday 3/4/14


How far from where you grew up have you ended up? If you still live nearby, did you ever live far away?

Have you ever littered? Have you ever picked up after litterers?

Have you ever gotten revenge on anyone? Can you tell us about it?

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The Daily F Bomb, Monday 3/3/14

Greetings, Bombpersons. The Daily F Bomb is going on hiatus for an indefinite period. This Friday’s will be the last one for a while. I just need some time to be able to do things for myself. I have a full DVR that I need to take care of, and several books waiting for my attention that I haven’t been able to get to, and Lilly the cat says I am neglecting her shamefully because there is always a damned MacBook on her lap. And I need to get out and see my real life friends more often. It’s been fun, and hopefully will continue to be fun in the future.


What sitcom (or funny film), best represents your sense of humor?

Have you Google-mapped your own place? How does it look?

What can always be counted on to cheer you up?

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The Daily F Bomb, Friday 2/28/14


If you could devise a Rare Disease for Rare Disease Day that would affect only political figures on the right-wing persuasion, what disease would you give them? (Like foot-in-mouth-itis)

What book signings have you been to?

What is the last thing you rented?

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The Daily F Bomb, Thursday 2/27/14


What is the first thing you see right now when you look up from your computer?

Do you have any vices you refuse to give up? If so, what?

When was the last time you willingly stayed up all night?

If someone refused to take your wedding pictures because he/she hated something about you and your lifestyle, would you force the issue?

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The Daily F Bomb, Wednesday 2/26/14


Pizza – what style is best? NY style, Deep dish Chicago, or something else? What is your favorite pizza place?

Are you an early adopter of new technology, or do you let it get thoroughly tested and vetted before you will invest in it?

When on escalators, do you follow escalator etiquette (stand to the right, walk to the left)?

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The Daily F Bomb, Tuesday 2/25/14


Do you use straws for drinking? Straight or bendy?

Have you been robbed or burglarized?

Do you always answer your door when someone knocks or rings? When you don’t, why not?

Who would your business like to refuse service to?

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