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A View From the Swamp – Oil Is Forever

There are things that we all avoid.  Things we just can’t stand to be around. Things that just irritate us beyond our ability to play nice.

FOX stupidity is one of mine.

I live with my parents for various reasons right now. FOX is on the big TV in the living room all the time. It sucks.

But more than that, it gives my parents a completely fucked up view of the world.  Not a little fucked up – completely fucked up.

The latest point of stupid that Mum has been throwing around is that there is oil forever. Generations worth – all discovered recently here in America and we just don’t have to worry about it. Ever.

FOX Covers FOX Employee Promoting FOX at FOX Rally to FOX Viewers – Open Thread

FOX News spent all of Saturday covering the rally in Searchlight Nevada, hometown of Harry Reid.  The event was a Tea Party rally, a movement created out of whole cloth by FOX.  The keynote at the rally was FOX employee Sarah Palin, who railed against the coverage of the recent spilling-over of violence that she and other FOX employees have instigated against Democratic Party politicians, staffers and supporters.  

In this clip from FOX News Channel today we see FOX Employee Palin telling the FOX-created movement’s followers that what America wants is “Fair and Balanced” news (FOX Broadcasting’s official tagline), which the entirely FOX-viewing crowd cheered at so that their friends watching FOX back at home could see them cheering the FOX employee on stage.

This is making me dizzy.