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Germany eliminated tuition, while Americans are drowning in $1.2 trillion student loan debt (Update

(Cross posted by author from the Daily Kos)

Written by an American MBA expat living in Germany.

I was privileged with the support of the Daily Kos community to have ordinarily publish this diary which went onto viral status, having received over 30,000 Facebook shares and 588 Tweets.

I have since received from members of the Daily Kos community large substantial numbers of requests to update and republish the diary at DKOS as the original diary can no longer be commented on and participated in. Therefore I republished this diary yesterday where in response to requests from readers for updated material, I unpublished this diary and am republishing it today substantially in rewritten form as a service to the community.  

I am therefore impressed this is an important discussion that deserves our attention for a serious subject matter. Therefore as my reader, I would like to invite you to give this indepth report in the matter of this diary a close read. I’d also like to thank Meteor Blades and all of the original recommenders of that diary who are too numerous to repeat here. The recent events in Ferguson, MO and other such senseless tragedies perpetrated by the racist American police state have brought the crisis of our democracy into the international media spotlight.  

GOP Male Rep. says female Democratic candidate Ann McLane Kuster is “UGLY As SIN” and can’t win!!!

(Written by an American expat living in the European Union)

Edited and republished at the request of readers.

In New Hampshire, a GOP state Rep. Steve Vaillancourt poses as the dapper don turned self appointed defacto beauty pageant judge. Pronounces Democratic incumbent Ann McLane Kuster “as ugly as sin” and therefore too ugly to win!! But in saying so, he says he hopes he hasn’t offended sin!! So it is the GOP tries to WIN UGLY AGAIN. By turning this congressional race into his own private circus where in he hoists his ageism and sexist pronouncements on us in a orgy bordering on a misogynistic theater of the absurd!!

Steve Vaillancourt, a Republican state representative for New Hampshire attempts to turn the New Hampshire’s 2nd district congressional race into his own personal defacto beauty pageant wherein he acts as the self-appointed judge, wherein he pronounces in his judgement that the determining factor in the race will come down to the matter of his judgement that incumbent Democratic state Rep. Ann McLane Kuster is “as ugly as sin” and cannot win. In a continuation of his sexist remarks, he goes on to shockingly say that drag queens even look better than her and in doing so tries to create what may only be seen as a circus-like beauty pageant atmosphere to grab headlines in yet another desperate Republican bid to win ugly.

58 year old Rep. Ann McLane Kuster is the Democratic incumbent for the New Hampshire 2nd congressional district who is running for re-election against her Republican opponent 31 year old Marilinda Garcia.

New Hampshire State Rep. Steve Vaillancourt wrote a long blog post predicting the outcome of the race in the state’s 2nd Congressional District on one factor: incumbent Democratic Rep. Ann McLane Kuster’s looks.

“Let’s be honest. Does anyone not believe that Congressman Annie Kuster is as UGLY AS SIN? AND I HOPE I HAVEN’T OFFENDED SIN,” Vaillancourt wrote on NH Insider, a New Hampshire politics blog.

By contrast, he wrote, Kuster’s Republican challenger, State Rep. Marilinda Garcia, is “one of the most attractive women on the political scene anywhere, not so attractive as to be intimidating [sic], but truly attractive.”

At first glance most progressives on it’s face would not take Rep. Steve Vaillancourt seriously. However, in the face of this type of sexism if we do not take his behavior seriously, we do so at our peril because it isn’t possible to let this type of behavior go on unanswered. In fact the simple truth is this gives new meaning to the charge that Republicans are quite prepared to win ugly if need be but win at all costs by going negative.

So where is the backlash? Why Mr and Mrs Progressive America do we tolerate this type of hatred from the GOP from a guy whose conceit knows no end. In proclaiming himself as a type of defacto self-appointed beauty pageant judge turning a congressional race into his own private circus and theater of the absurd, whereupon he hoists his ageism and sexist pronouncements on us in a clear case where if these were two male candidates it wouldn’t even be possible to have such a vacuous conversation in a congressional campaign where real people have real problems that we can ill afford to have hi-jacked by the GOP election circus agenda. In a disgraceful showing of ageism and sexism which initially was not repudiated by either State Rep. Marilinda Garcia or the GOP party, both of them initially were prepared to profit from their silence while they were waiting to see what effect this may have (if any) on the latest polling numbers. Having waited and first profited from it for 3 days, Rep. Garcia finally came out and repudiated Rep. Vaillancourt’s remarks as sexist. In doing so, Rep. Garcia in good GOP form is a day late and a dollar short as usual.

“How ugly is Annie Kuster?” he begins. By the end of the story, he concludes, “By now you probably know why I think of Annie Kuster whenever I walk by Mados; sad to say, but the drag queens are more attractive than Annie Kuster….not that there’s anything wrong with that.”…… “Annie Kuster looks more like a drag queen than most men in drag,” he concludes.


In America today we have real problems: 40 million people without access to medical care, 45 million people on food stamps, 130 million people who don’t have any dental coverage. Millions more unemployed and homeless. Can we really afford to stand by and let GOP supporters turn congressional elections into a circus by their sad and poor behavior, and therein their own personal theater of the absurd?

Vaillancourt as a six term member of the New Hampshire House of  Representatives has a rich controversial history. Which includes the fact that as we can see here in this you tube video link which shows Vaillancourt had to apologize for uttering the the Nazi salute “Sieg Heil,” on the floor of the New Hampshire House in a heated moment back on May 15, 2012 as reported by the Chicago Tribune.


(Here are some words of wisdom from MAnn Coulter.)

The sad truth is it seems like in every election someone, somewhere is always playing to the lowest base instinct of the male GOP base, in their position on objectifying women. As for Mr Vaillancourt one can only wonder in all honesty what he is prepared to say if Hillary Clinton or other female progressive candidates run in November 2016 in federal and statewide elections. It seems that we better all sit down and buckle our seatbelts, because the 2016 election cycle is likely to be the most expensive and dirtiest elections in American history. Thanks in no small part to people like Mr Vaillancourt playing to the lowest base instincts of the male GOP electorate.

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The library is the last, best socialized institution in America today and you’re about to lose it

Cross-posted by author from the Daily Kos.

(This diary is written by an American expat living in the European Union who is a male business librarian who holds a graduate library degree (MLS) and a Master’s degree in business administration in marketing).

As an American librarian I am glad to be living in the European Union where library funding isn’t under attack to the extent that it is back home in the United States, because readership, literacy and an open based knowledge system that is publicly funded is still valued. In America, library budgets have become low hanging fruit for conservative local and state politicians. Louisiana is the worse case in point where Gov. Bobby Jindal has eliminated state library funding all together. Not only does it beg the question will your state be next but it asks the question what will you do  when they come for your library and your kid’s summer reading program? Do you really know how many books it’s really going to take to make that special child or grandchild in your life a lifelong reader. Do you think you have anywhere near those numbers of books in your private collection?

Please let’s remember the voluminous studies that have been done year after year, decade after decade that show us that prison inmates for the most part are functionally illiterate and that teen pregnancy is directly linked to literacy rates.  

Christian Science Monitor:  November 18, 2013

Louisiana residents choose libraries over jail to receive funds  Residents of Lafourche Parish in Louisiana recently voted down a proposal that would have used money currently going to local libraries to build a new prison.…

Literacy statistics and juvenile court

85 percent of all juveniles who interface with the juvenile court system are functionally illiterate.

More than 60 percent of all prison inmates are functionally illiterate.

Penal institution records show that inmates have a 16% chance of returning to prison if they receive literacy help, as opposed to 70% who receive no help. This equates to taxpayer costs of $25,000 per year per inmate and nearly double that amount for juvenile offenders.

Illiteracy and crime are closely related. The Department of Justice states, “The link between academic failure and delinquency, violence, and crime is welded to reading failure.” Over 70% of inmates in America’s prisons cannot read above a fourth grade level.…

According to UNICEF: Nearly a billion people will enter the 21st century unable to read a book or sign their names and two thirds of them are women.”

People who don’t grow up as lifelong readers grow up in an America living under a form of de facto censorship and what it means is that the censor, by withholding library funding, limits access to reading materials to children from a young age. So they don’t get to see the other side of the coin and wind up developing a one-sided point of view which has been historically associated with sexism, homophobia, racial bigotry and other forms of intolerance and hate. If we don’t support libraries, we support going backwards in a type of devolution of the past which is exactly what the Tea Party types mean when they say they want their country back.

My question to you Mr or Mrs Progressive America, just how far back in time will you let the haters take us? Will you let them take us back to a point in time when women didn’t have the right to choose, a time before the civil rights movement would let anyone who chose to sit at the lunch counter, or when a time at the back of the bus was reserved, a time when people were hated for who they are or for who they loved or for what God they believed in, that is their America.  But it’s not our America, it’s not the progressive America that we’ve come to love and aspire to, because that America is supported by your neighborhood library as an open knowledge learning center, where everyone is treated the same. It doesn’t matter if it’s the mayor or a homeless person, you can expect to receive the same level of service. You can expect to have access to a collective repository of everyone whose ever thought and everyone whose ever written, that’s why I became a librarian and a reader and a listener and someone who you can count on to resist censorship in all of its guises. That includes false arguments related to library funding.

Source: From the U.S. Department of Education, National Institute of Literacy – U.S. Illiteracy Statistics (as of 2013)

Percent of U.S. adults who can’t read: 14 %

Number of U.S. adults who can’t read: 32 Million

Percent of U.S. adults who read below a 5th grade level: 21 %

Percent of prison inmates who can’t read: 63 %

Percent of high school graduates who can’t read: 19 %…

The library is a public good. It belongs to everyone but only for as long as you’re willing to defend it. Public libraries due to budget cuts are cutting their operating hours, their services and yes too many are shutting their doors. Therefore this action diary asks you in support of your local library to write a letter to the editor today and to do it for yourself and do it for the special children in your life. Do it for your community and tell them that you support full community library funding today, tomorrow and forever.


Updated information regarding the functioning of the library as an adult education center, made at the request of a reader.

The library as a children & adult learning center

One of the best parts about being a librarian is the information sharing. So I am pleased to have the opportunity to share with you my experience of working in the library as a children’s and adult education center. You always hear these wonderful stories about adults who have come into the library, people of great skill and are essentially completely self educated. Though many librarians hold multiple graduate degrees and often PhDs as well, particularly in academic libraries. I can honestly say some of the most educated people I have encountered were self-educated lawyers. I am from Washington State back when I was living in the U.S. and Washington is one of those states that allows you to be a lawyer without having to go to law school. So I worked with a number of lawyers who were basically self-educated people who served under an apprenticeship under another lawyer who helped them. So they came to the law library with their learning contracts and we worked with them. I have to tell you this was one of the most fulfilling experiences in my working life. So you see libraries really do work. They really are great adult learning centers. They always have been. Let’s not lose that, because libraries are an American success story. Please support your community libraries. Thanks.

After the NSA affair, the German government is steering towards a serious confrontation with the US

(Cross posted by author from the Daily Kos)

(Written by an American expat living in the European Union)

German magazine Der Spiegel reports,”Nine months after the NSA affair, the German government is steering towards a serious confrontation with the US”

In the wake of the Snowden affair, whistler blower Edward Snowden revealed that Angela Merkel’s telephone had been spied on by the NSA. Please let’s understand according to Forbes magazine Angela Merkel as the Chancellor of Germany which has become the richest and most powerful country in the European Union (the number 2 exporting nation in the world) has according to Forbes magazine rated Angela Merkel as the most powerful woman in the world. So as you can well imagine, to reiterate the Snowden revelation that Angela Merkel’s phone had allegedly been spied on by the NSA sent shock waves through the capitals of the great social democracies of Western Europe and sent shock waves through the German capital, that if the chancellor’s private cell phone had been illegally wiretapped, then no one was safe from an illegal alleged NSA wiretap. The very real anger and humiliation this produced throughout the European Union, which as a population of 500 million people is larger than the population of the US, and whose economy is likewise larger than the US and of course the Euro rivals the US dollar in power. So it is that Europe has taken a very dim view of the NSA alleged spying matter on millions of its citizens, to include the head of the European Union’s most powerful country, German chancellor Angela Merkel.

So it is that in the recently published Spiegel article which this diary attempts to review, we see that Germany appears to be on the road to declaring a defacto sort of counter-espionage war against the United States on German soil. This turn of events has alarmed diplomats, scholars and statesmen/statespersons around the world. As such I invite you to give a very careful reading of the review of the Spiegel article whereupon I invite you to read in full for yourself the Spiegel article being reviewed entitled “Striking Back: Germany Considers Counterespionage Against US”.

“Unsatisfied with the lack of answers provided by Washington in the NSA spying scandal, officials in Berlin are considering a new approach. Germany might begin counterespionage measures aimed at allies.”…….”In other words: Germany intends to defend itself against all spying efforts in the future,”.…”While the minister’s words may have sounded innocuous, they marked nothing less than the start of a political about-face. Away from the public eye, the German government is moving toward implementing plans to turn its own spies against partner countries like the United States, putting allies on the same level as the Chinese, Russians and North Koreans”.

To reiterate, diplomats, scholars and Statespersons the world over are alarmed and indeed dismayed at this turn of events. Whereupon we should ask how did it ever come to this and why has this been allowed to happen? Whereupon this diary asks you to write to your member of Congress today to ask them these very questions so as to provide their leadership for a diplomatic solution before matters in this sad, retrograde state of affairs are allowed to progress any further.

“When whistleblower Edward Snowden first went public with his revelations about the NSA’s efforts to spy on Europe and other parts of the world. In response to the allegations surrounding the documents he leaked,…..after months of waiting, no satisfactory answers have been provided”.

Aren’t we as American voters legitimately allowed to ask our members of Congress why it is that the NSA to date has not provided the German government and other allied governments with the answers that they reasonably seek in the matter of the whistler blower Edward Snowden’s disclosure. Shouldn’t we be allowed to ask our members of Congress this question before the US is dragged into an expensive counterespionage new Cold War. Shouldn’t we as American voters hold our members of Congress responsible for providing the public with this information in a transparent democracy, wherein government is held accountable to the people who have voted them into office.

Humiliating Revelations from the Wild West!

“The stubbornness of the Americans, who have answered few relevant questions from Germany during the National Security Agency spying scandal…Now, pressure is growing for Germany to find its own answers to the questions Washington has been ignoring.”………..  They’re like cowboys who only understand the language of the

Wild West,” sources in Merkel’s party say, referring to the Americans’ intractability.
Two government agencies are at the center of the strategy to restore respect that has been lost over months of humiliating revelations that the US has been spying on Germany: the Office for the Protection” of the Constitution and the Federal Prosecutor’s Office.”

Honestly as American voters, shouldn’t we be alarmed at the NSA’s conduct in humiliating our allies into declaring a counterespionage war against the United States, but more to the point shouldn’t we as American voters be allowed to ask our members of Congress, whose taxes do they intend to raise in order to pay for the NSA’s declared new cold espionage war. Or perhaps we should hold a national referendum asking for tax payers to volunteer to pay for this latest NSA undertaking produced in our name.

In America today, we have 59 million people who don’t have medical insurance, 133 million people who don’t have dental insurance, over 45 million people who are on food stamps, 60 million Americans get no paid sick leave. The United States is the only major industrialized nation in the world that by law doesn’t provide job protected paid maternity leave by right of law. As such, please excuse us for asking just who the hell is going to pay for the NSA’s self-declared new counterespionage cold war? And exactly whose taxes do you intend to raise (and whose benefits do you intend to cut) in order to pay for it, now that the Europeans have been humiliated into defending themselves, their people and their leaders through counterespionage defensive measures. Because in the mind of this reviewer, this Spiegel article seems to be telling us along with other European press sources that the Europeans have undertaken exhaustive diplomatic measures to resolve the matter and the US government has simply ignored them. Aren’t these questions something that we should reasonably ask our members of Congress who we voted into office?

Diplomats Leave Washington Empty-Handed

“A number of high-level German delegations have traveled to Washington on fact-finding missions, but they have also returned empty-handed for the most part”. ……….”And no progress whatsoever has been made on a “no-spy agreement.”Last week, US President Barack Obama himself rejected any form of a “no-spy agreement”. “There’s no country where we have a no-spy agreement,” Obama said in a press conference during a visit by French President François Hollande.The French leader, who had expressed similar wishes to those of the Germany, was forced to travel back to Paris empty-handed”.

I must say having voted for President Obama twice, I really find his statement in this regard to be a real disappointment as it relates to an unwillingness for a diplomatic solution in the matter.

Teaching the US a Lesson

“The changes mean that, nine months after the NSA affair, the German government is steering towards a serious confrontation with the US. …… “Increased monitoring of allies could trigger unforeseen consequences and potentially cause damage to existing intelligence partnerships”.

The trading relationship that we have established with the European Union is vital to the American economy, vital to a strong American dollar, vital to the future of America’s children. I therefore ask and urge you today to take the time to write to and call your member of Congress on this important issue. To stand up and be counted and tell them how you feel and most importantly ask them exactly how much they intend to raise your taxes to pay for a counter intelligence espionage cold war that will only benefit NSA bureaucrats and contractors.

PS: I’d like to invite you to another diary that maybe of interest to you. Thank you for your support of progressive issues.

Switzerland far right party of hate declares war on European immigration…


Comeback of the Hitler Youth haircut worries Jewish and progressive groups fearing intolerance

(Written by an American expat living in the European Union)

I understand the Daily Kos is a serious online community where important progressive issues of the day are discussed. So why am I writing a diary about (yes you guessed it!) hairstyles! Well, quietly some would say insidiously a Nazi haircut known as the Hitler Youth haircut has made a comeback (with 74,000 hits in Google) according to urban legend from German speaking rural Switzerland to becoming a global presence. This has alarmed Jewish groups around the world to the point where they have began voicing concern at the rise of intolerance and anti-semitism that is coming back to haunt Europe in this 100th anniversary year of world war 1, which is 75 years from the end of world war 2. Now recently just last week these fears were realized by the populist Swiss SVP party in an anti-European immigration referendum passed by a majority of Swiss voters. I wrote a diary on that very issue (not that anyone actually read it) entitled “Switzerland far right party of hate declares war on European immigration”.


When fashion is allowed to favorably reflect on the Nazi period in terms that put that history in a favorable light then something has happened in Europe and around the world that we need to take notice of. As the old saying would have it, all that needs to happen for evil to triumph is for good people to sit by and do nothing. This last century saw not one, but two world wars come and go, with a warning, which is for those of us who aren’t prepared to learn from history are therefore doomed to repeat it. Clearly the history of World War one and two is something that America can ill afford not to learn the lessons of.

What is in a haircut any way? It’s just a fashion statement isn’t it? The Hitler Youth haircut. Well, sure it’s just a haircut but more to the point it’s an idea that people want to look like that again. It’s a look associated with historical intolerance. It’s a look that was associated with the Holocaust, the destruction of Europe and the pain and suffering of millions, that now is being celebrated in making a comeback as a fashion statement in our neighborhoods and schools and on the fashion pages and even on the silver screen. The Hitler Youth haircut is back in the limelight and it’s coming to a shopping mall near you!

It comes out of a time when the government failed the people, when jobs were lost, too many of them being shipped abroad, people were losing their homes, people were afraid and people were insecure. People were looking for a new look, new ideas, a new day of hope. Some people think the Hitler Youth Aryan look is in and it’s cool. Well let’s be honest it wasn’t just worn by Germany’s Hitler Youth, it was worn by Adolf Hitler himself as well as most German front line troops, but too many people think it doesn’t mean anything. It’s just a hair style after all? There’s no political message attached to it? It’s just a lot of silliness. That is what they said about the brown shirts in Nazi Germany in the beginning, they said it wasn’t a military uniform, it was a political party uniform (manufactured by fashion designer Hugo Boss that is. “It was Hugo Boss who made uniforms for the Nazis.” ).but then the S.A. got to be 3 million strong. Three times the size of the German army that changed Germany and in turn changed the world. Also please let’s remember that at the time this was simply viewed as the fashion business. Ergo by way of a corollary we must conclude that the Nazi fashion business has a dark side and so does the fashion history of the Hitler Youth haircut. Given that history may we simply write the whole thing off as nothing more than a lucrative fashion tread and nothing more in the matter of the Hitler Youth haircut’s strong global comeback.

Jewish World By David Lev

“Some Jewish community officials have expressed concern over the

latest style in haircuts – the “Jugend,” or “Hitler Youth” hairdo”.


(There should be some sort of a movement brought about to disassociate the hair style from the name of Adolf Hitler). A further danger is that anyone, especially young people Googling the name “the Hitler Youth haircut” will be exposed to voluminous Nazi materials, which is an insidious way of this type of (old and new) propaganda material to find readers. As such this is one more reason why an effort should be brought about to change the name of this hair style.  

So when we look back at the 100th year anniversary of World War I and we look back at World War II that ended 75 years ago, perhaps we should also remember the slogan “Never Again”. For it is said all that needs to happen for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing. Perhaps we should therefore this time all do something. To that end I invite you to post your thoughts below and speak out and you will be heard.

(Crossed posted by author from the Daily Kos)… h-and-progressive-groups-fearing-intolerance

German Spiegel says:” Both men, Kelly and Browne, aren’t telling the truth.” In shooting of Kennedy

(Written by an American expat of European ancestry living in the European Union)

In the heart of New York City in Times Square, a youthful in appearance African-American male, who was obviously mentally ill produced a knife, given his lack of capacity and clear copus mentis impairment, and almost as if it were a magic wand, everyone and everything it seems in Times Square stopped what they were doing and followed him. Now a foreigner seeing or reading this might ask why? Only a foreigner could ask this because the Americans all instinctively knew that the police at any second could kill Darrius lawfully. When the video starts out Darrius has 2 minutes 51 seconds left to live. He would retreat until his pursuers boxed him in, and then he would be summarily executed. This case deserves to be full investigated by a body outside of the NYPD!

SPIEGEL QUOTE: Police spokesman Browne will later say that the officers opened fire after Kennedy had come within “two to three feet” — less than a meter — of them. Police Chief Kelly will report: “The officers got out of the car. As a result, Kennedy approached the officers with the knife; they had no place to go.”  BOTH MEN KELLY AND BROWNE, AREN’T TELLING THE TRUTH.

(End of quote)

No one in America’s press would criticize these actions, because they are common place. So it was that the mainstream German magazine ‘Der Spiegel’ in true investigative reporting spoke the truth in the above quote, which is that the police were clearly prevaricating. (Please note: In the youtube video below, when shots ring out the person taking this video was about 25 yards away form the shooting).

SPIEGEL QUOTE:The various videos circulating on the Web clearly show that KENNEDY IS AT  LEAST 15 to 20 FEET AWAY FROM THE officers STANDING AT THE SQUAD CAR WHEN THEY START SHOOTING. And it isn’t as if they had just gotten out of their cars and were taken by surprise by their victim or somehow found themselves in a situation requiring self-defense. In fact, they are standing there with their weapons drawn, waiting for Kennedy, who passes another shop, the Jewelry Patch, before turning around and facing his death.

The Library is America’s last social good that offers equal access. Louisiana cuts library funding.

Louisiana cuts state funds to libraries. Will your state be next?

(This is written by an American expat who is a librarian living in the European Union, where libraries are far better publicly funded.)

Louisiana state library funding has been eliminated

Citing budget concerns, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has signed a $25-billion budget that eliminates almost $900,000 in state funding for its libraries. In a statement, the governor’€™s chief budget aide, Paul Rainwater, said, In tight budget times, we prioritized funding for healthcare and education. Operations such as local libraries can be supported with local, not state dollars.…

Spiegel reports German Upper House set to introduce wealth tax, shouldn’t the US do the same?

(This economics diary was written by an American expat who holds an MBA degree and lives in the European Union).


Why in America are millions of millionaires allowed to hold an estimated $11.6 trillion dollars in assets without an introduction of a wealth tax? At a time when America is broke, when 59 million Americans have no medical insurance; over 44 million live below the poverty line and subsist on food stamps, and childhood poverty has hit record levels, wherein a third of American homeowners are in underwater mortgages. Isn’t it time for America to join other highly industrialized countries in calling for a wealth tax on the millions of Americans who are millionaires?    

The French newspaper Le Monde reports 1.5 million living the American dream on $2 a day

Written by an American Expat who holds an M.B.A. degree living in the E.U.

My email address is: democratsramshield@yahoo(dot)com

Surely the death of the American working class dream is not news to the American 1 percent elites. The truth be known simply put they like it that way, as they surely are the architects of the GOP led class warfare against the American working class.

(The Statue of Liberty in the photo below is located in Paris, France and is believed to have become emblematic as the American dream now resides in Europe instead of America).

Le Monde quote: “From Near And Far, Bidding Farewell To The American Dream

By Claire Gatinois

LE MONDE/Worldcrunch

No matter what the frame of reference of the person examining it, its bottom line is unambiguous: the United States – not supposedly fusty Europe — rates lowest in terms of this relationship in the distribution of riches and social mobility. Yes, Paris Hilton’s America ranks way below the Scandinavian countries, but also below France, New Zealand, Japan, the United Kingdom, and others.”


The mainstream German Magazine Spiegel asks, has the US mixed Economy turned into an Oligarchy?

Author’s preface:

Written by an American expat living in the E.U. (who holds an M.B.A. degree). This diary is a review of the Spiegel article entitled “Has America Become an Oligarchy?” written from the perspective of a business librarian.  

My email is:


Spiegel quote: 2002 and 2007, 65 percent of the income gains went to the top 1%

“Spiegel quote: Indeed, if you look at the reports it compiles on every country in the world, even the CIA has concluded that wealth disparity is greater in the US than in Tunisia or Egypt.

Late last year this mainstream German news outlet asked, has America become an Oligarchy?Has America stopped being a mixed economy?

Spiegel quote: “A generation ago, the United States was a recognizable, if somewhat more unequal, member of the cluster of affluent democracies known as mixed economies, where fast growth was widely shared. No more. Since around 1980, we have drifted away from that mixed-economy cluster, and traveled a considerable distance toward another: the capitalist oligarchies, like Brazil, Mexico…

Clearly, the subject matter presented by the article asking if America has turned into a Oligarchy is not news to American elites, who in fact not only know all about it already, but the truth be known simply put they like it that way. The Spiegel article which may be shocking to the sensibilities of the American plutocrat owned media correctly portrays an American society which has become essentially speaking depoliticized, wherein elections have become by way of sophistry a meaningless public relations extravaganza that has been bought by private capital in support of a legalized robber baron system of theft.