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Late Monday Night Open Thread

Thought it was time for an open thread.

Thanksgiving is over. If you are a political junky then the next month will give you plenty to cheer or moan and groan about.

First up is Afghanistan. I wish I could wave a magic flag and bring the troops home tomorrow. I wish we could find an honorable way out of the region. But, wishes are what you resort to when reality isn’t cooperating. All I can really say about this mess is that I’m glad we have a President who thinks through his decisions even when pressured to do otherwise. Don’t doubt this man’s backbone. Brains and courage. Great combination.

Health care is about to heat up, also. You betcha. The opposition is going to throw everything they’ve got into the gears to try to bring it screeching to a halt. The advantage held by the pro-reform side is razor-thin. It will take supreme effort to see it through to success.

Anything else on your mind?


  1. sricki

    but you posted this thread a few minutes after Kysen had posted a diary — and since he almost never writes diaries (and since I spent about 2 hours formatting it), I went ahead and bumped his back up top. Hope that’s okay, it’s a mad cool diary, and I want to make sure it gets some attention at the top of the FP for a while. Can you find it in your heart to forgive me? ; )

    As for what’s on my mind… First, I have learned things about CSS tonight and had a great deal of fun with it — think it might be worth studying in depth. Second, my semester is almost over, which makes me soooooooooo happy. Third, it’s about time for my brother’s semester to end, too — which means a studying marathon. Woe is me!!!

  2. dtox

    which is getting to be very stressful. One more month! I think.

    It’s also a bit sad that I’ve been reduced to measuring by progress by the amount of text produced.

    “I’ve done six pages of research today”.

  3. HappyinVT

    I get to take another unpaid week of vacation this winter.  More furloughs at Gannett; wonder how much the CEO bonus will be, though.

  4. HappyinVT

    Whatcha thinkin’ about Mr. Huckabee’s chances in 2012 now?

    On a serious note, why Maurice Clemmons wasn’t still in prison in either AR or WA is a huge shame.

  5. HappyinVT

    He’s a testy little prick, too.  (Hee, hee.  “Tit” and “prick” in the same comment.  Unintentional, actually.)

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