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Happy Easter, and Good Tidings to all Moose

The baby didn’t cry this time; apparently, giant anthropomorphic rabbits aren’t as threatening as old fat men with white beards and red pajamas.

I hope that everyone, regardless of their religious beliefs, is enjoying today- be it with friends, family, or even a day to yourself. God Bless you and yours, and thank you for the friendship and community we have built here at The Motley Moose.


  1. Your child may just be used to the idea that you are going to trot out terrifying creatures in faux fur and velvet substitute, but the idea of a towering Lagomorph, with cold, lifeless eyes, and grasping mitts, and a rictus grin ironed on to its bulbous head isn’t going to be threatening…I don’t want to see what you do for birthday parties.

    /note: Furries creep me the heck out, so your milage may vary

    //thanks for having my long windyness

  2. Just the other day I was discussing Easter and Christmas – which I celebrate with atheistic enthusiasm – with a born-again friend who doesn’t.  Donna and I were raised in more (me) or less (her) Christian homes, so it follows as Tradition more than anything else, but kids scurrying after painted eggs of gorging on Christmas cheer are just eminently positive events imho.  

    When the bunny gets to our house he leaves trails of alternating pennies and little chocolate eggs (color-coded for the child) meandering all over the house to stashes of goodies.  I don’t know how he makes the trails go up blinds, through closets, under and into furniture and all, but if he wasn’t already low to the ground I’ll bet his back would be (*&^^%ing killing him today…

  3. sricki

    Hope everyone had a good Easter. I’m such a heathen that I wouldn’t even go to church to make my parents happy. They’ll be praying extra for me tonight. Ah, well. At least it’ll give ’em something to do.

  4. i had ham, shrimp and awesome buns today as part of my easter dinner. if there is a hell – ill be going there.

    to all – even those with out cute kids photos – happy day!

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