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Coleman lawyers call do-overs, no backsies; Overnight Open Thread

TalkingPointsMemo tells us that

The Coleman team has previously said that the judges have to either undo the strict standards for letting in new ballots, or else undertake a review of all 290,000 absentee ballots from Election Night and start proportionately reducing the totals. In a new letter to the judges, however, Coleman lawyer James Langdon floats a new solution — declaring the election to be unsolvable, and nullifying it entirely…

“Hasn’t Franken already been seated?” a friend of mine asked me.

“Does Harry Reid have a backbone?” was my reply.



  1. sricki

    it would be pure comedy.

    Republicans have no purpose these days other than serving as obnoxious obstructionists. If that’s the job of the GOP now, Coleman is just exceptionally good at it. Maybe he should head the party instead of Rush.

  2. Holli De Groote

    Oh my fracking god! When will this agony end and when will we get our duly elected Senator sworn in? Coleman is a freaking cry baby loser that just needs to let it go. But in fact, there is funding from outside of Minnesota to keep this lawsuit going. And I suppose to work for a new election. Which Coleman would lose.

    In the mean time, Senator Klobuchar is having to do the work of two Senators, and Coleman is slowing down the business of our state and country during a time of economic crisis. Quit being such a sore miserable loser and concede Mr Coleman!

    On a side note, my mother told me that republican Marilyn Musgrave who was defeated for her re-election bid, has not yet conceded defeat to the winner, Betsy Markey. Pugs really are sore losers.

  3. semiquaver

    to Mike Quigley, the newest member of the House of Representatives.  He was my second choice after Geoghegan, but I voted for him anyway.  I really didn’t want Fritchey to win.

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