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South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford: "We won't take a penny of stimulus money."

“And by ‘won’t take a penny of stimulus money,’ of course, I really mean we’ll take everything we can get. Thanks!”

South Carolina’s Republican governor says his state will accept money from President Barack Obama’s stimulus plan even though he is ideologically opposed to it. Gov. Mark Sanford says being against the plan “doesn’t preclude taking the money.”

I am shocked- shocked– the Republicans would betray their principles so blatantly? Is anyone else shocked? Fer chrissakes, even Sarah Palin wasn’t dumb enough to ignore stimulus money. Maybe it has to do with the fact that Texas is the only Republican state that pays more into Federal taxes then it gets back?


  1. So most the red states – despite their railing against federal taxation – are much bigger beneficiaries than the blue states?

    Damned libruls fund republicans to have more government intervention, so they can vote for smaller government?

    That’s really fucked up  

  2. spacemanspiff

    … on having such a great governor. Obviously puts his states interests above anything else. Wow! What a brave man. /snark

    She hates Sanford BTW.

    Jindal “suggested” he might refuse the $$$ as well.

    Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, a potential 2012 GOP presidential candidate, has suggested his state may not be interested in all of the roughly $4 billion allotted to it in the economic stimulus package to be signed by President Obama today.

    All bark and no bite. This guy is the future of the party?

    I’m not complaining.

  3. muttsy

    I’m happy for the stimulus plan, but it’s still annoying to hear about people playing frivolous political games with our energy infrastructure, our children’s education, and really the future of the planet.  Just listened to a podcast about a book from the progressive movement, talked about how we need to restore our faith in government, and how government needs to reform to be something we can have faith in.  I hope Obama can pull it off.

  4. louisprandtl

    Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan showed this in 1996.

    Many states in the Northeast and the Middle West pay more in Federal taxes than they receive in Federal spending, while many Southern states are subsidized by the Federal Government, a new study shows.

    Connecticut and New Jersey were the biggest ”donor states” last year, and New York has consistently been among the large donors.

    New Mexico, Virginia and Mississippi had the biggest surpluses, receiving far more in Federal outlays than they paid in Federal taxes.

    RedStates had been the receipient of this massive social redistribution of wealth continuously for a long time. Talk about Republican Socialism.

  5. creamer

    that the states you would assume produce the most in income taxes get less back per dollars. That seems pretty clear. Would the results look the same if you looked at federal money on a per capita basis, or total federal dollars?

    Some of you smarter than me might answer this.

    But living in Michigan and listening to Southern Senators whine about saving Detroit still pisses me off. Senator Shelby is still a dickhead in my book.

  6. rfahey22

    That that table roughly correlates with military spending in some of the sparsely populated rural states – Alaska and New Mexico (Los Alamos), for example.  So, it’s not clear what those numbers actually mean.  That said, anyone who refuses stimulus funding should be ridden out of town on a rail.  What they are actually trying to do is pretend that the stimulus will not do anything, then later take credit themselves for any positive effects that it has.  

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