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Today’s Voting Results

We will have reports this evening of voting numbers as they come in, from all levels of races (President, Senate, House, Governor). Virginia and Indiana’s results will be the first to post. Virginia has provided this nifty little device that will display up-to-date totals as they come in:

Pre-results actions starts this evening around 5PM EST. We’ll try and keep everyone as up-to-date as possible; we’re hoping to have a few different diaries up and running on various races, so you can easily keep track of the races important to you.

Here we go, folks… this is the day we’ve been waiting for.


  1. Terminus

    Although I am keeping a tab open with noquarterusa’s election open thread. I can’t wait to see the conspiracy theories that will be hatched tonight as it becomes obvious that America has chosen Barack Obama!

    Obama 08 “The end of an error!”

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