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Obama on The Rachel Maddow Show Thursday (updated with video)

Update: this was one of the more substantive and interesting interviews I’ve seen with Obama so far — definitely worth watching.   Part 1 begins around 3:30:

Part 2:

(thanks to this dailykos story for tips on embedding recalcitrant iframe-only msnbc clips.)

Politico’s Michael Calderone:

NBC announced that Brian Williams will sit down with Barack Obama, with the interview airing during the “Nightly News” on Oct. 30 and 31. And within 20 minutes, MSNBC announced that Rachel Maddow will interview Obama on Oct. 30.

Go Rachel!  Looks like her phenomenal ratings have not gone unnoticed.  It’s amazing that she’s gone from quarreling with Joe Scarborough to interviewing our next president in a matter of months.


  1. Wow. The Pennsylvania Primary seems so long ago – and still Obama is pretty prescient about where we would be in November. He’s also remarkably consistent about what he says – even after months of campaigning – and amazingly so after all those narrative Rovian shifts from McCain.

    I love the ‘hoping up’ session at the end.  

  2. spacemanspiff

    Keith is more of an enertainer/cheerleader.

    Rachel’s show has a bit more brain food and it’s funny.

  3. Great idea in ecological terms, recycling an old diary with new stuff, semi. Only problem is that any who made comments on the first diary now looks completely stupid – myself included

    Ah. Maybe that’s your fiendish plan

    Thanks for these though. Can’t wait to watch

  4. Tossed Pebble

    Her show has been a freath of bresh air to the male dominated nighttime news shows. I hope that NBC/MSNBC continues to allow her room to grow. Hopefully President Obama will grant her many interviews to come.

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