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WARNING! Political Slime Storm Approaching

I almost choked on my coffee this morning when I saw this. With now an entire polling cycle under his belt post-debate, Obama has gained significant ground. Rasmussen was the result I was most interested in:

Rasmussen Reports

Obama 52, McCain 44

Research 2000/Daily Kos

Obama 52, McCain 40


Obama 50, McCain 42

Holy cow! Up again from yesterday! Now, I understand that Rasmussen re-weighted their polls to reflect a .6 net increase in party affiliation in the Democrats’ favor, but they had previously been the most conservative polling firm in terms of these numbers. Even more fun is that Barack Obama is winning more Republicans than McCain is Democrats- and has pulled to an eleven point lead over McCain in independents.

Of course, you know what that means, don’t you?

We’ve seen it starting already. Obama is “palin” around with terrorists (no pun intended, of course), he’s got radical associates, Wright, Rezko, most liberal senator, et cetera. Oh, I know most of us here are veterans of the Primary Wars, and so we’ve had to weather this particular fiasco before. It wasn’t fun then, and it won’t be fun now- you can smell the stench of desperation from the Freepers and dittoheads from here.

I’m glad to see the Obama folks hitting back, and hitting hard, to challenge these sorts of asinine attacks- especially on the Keating 5 issue. I recently had to choose between buying groceries and diapers for my daughter, or health insurance- what the hell do you think I’m going to care more about? “Oh my God, Obama may have seen him once or twice” Bill Ayers, or “Bank Failin'” Keating?

Just buckle down, and hang in there with me, guys, we’ve got another month of this garbage.


  1. GrassrootsOrganizer

    Heard Tom Davis on CNN deliver the same line again about his not seeking reelection —

    “If the Republican brand was dog food they’d be pulling us off the shelves.”


    the Dow is down 300+ this morning, exchanges around the world closed early last night and consumer confidence is in the tank.  Still no details from the McCain campaign on what they offer beyond “not a librul” and “always fought for you.”  Oh.  Really.

    I spoke with a fellow organizer who’s been working alot with white blue collar union workers who were balking at Obama.  The tactic is to take them through their issues, one by one, and explain in detail why Obama is the right choice.  It seems to be working, judging by Obama’s recent surge with hold-out Democrats.  

    If Obama can lay out the S&L scandal in a way that’s relatively unassailable stick a fork in McCain, he’s done.  And Palin is about as credible an attack dog as my Jack Russell — lots of bark and hyper but not much muscle.

    Gotta say it, the Obama campaign has game.  Speaking of game, I read a comparison this morning of the later days of these sorts of campaigns to the last minutes of a 12 point basktball game.  Foul hard and hope.  Repeat.  All the winning team has to do is control the ball.  

  2. …and it’s only Monday.  

    I confess.  This is the part of election season that I despise.  It really does feel like a storm.  I wasn’t nearly as emotionally involved in the 2004 election, and I remember being so pissed at the purple band-aids that I couldn’t sleep some nights.  

    I am going to need therapy after this one; if the slime machine works, then I am going to need medication.  

    I hope the backlash starts NOW, and in full.

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