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Not much of a diary, but I thought I would share

When Rachel Maddow’s show broke on the scene a few weeks ago, I was hooked.  I really like Rachel and her wit and miss listening to Air America (note:  here in my city, they replaced it over a year ago with a Spanish speaking disco station….)

I was talking with my mom, who is in her eighties, about the election one night on the phone.   She lives in another state, so we talk at least once a week and we talk a lot about politics.  She loathes republicans.  She doesn’t see too many redeeming qualities in them and rails against one-issue voters.

She had mentioned watching CNN and Campbell Brown and then Larry King.  Larry King???  Ok, maybe my mom doesn’t really know about MSNBC.  CNN has been a mainstay in her household since it came on the air and she got cable many years ago.

I mentioned that instead of watching King, to turn to MSNBC and catch Rachel.  She did.  When we next spoke, a few days later, she told me that she really LIKED Rachel.  What a smart woman!  Talks a little fast, but really enjoyed the “talk down” segment – that is the “Talk Me Down” segment.   Give my mom a break – she speaks 4 languages and she didn’t learn English until she was 37 years old.

Then I got a pleasant surprise – my mom mentioned Keith!!  She tuned into Rachel a few minutes early that first night and caught the tail end of Olbermann’s show.  She liked what she heard and now watches, back to back, Countdown and Rachel 🙂

My mom is so cute – she kept raving on them and calling them “good DEMOCRATS!!”  I guess age has no limit for good progressive reporting.  She is now on first name basis with both of them – Keith and Rachel.  Gotta love it.

Why am I writing this diary?  Well, you may know of an older relative, who is liberal, but isn’t aware of Countdown or Rachel’s shows.  Or maybe you think they wouldn’t be interested.

But if they are anything like my mom – tell ’em.  She was so disappointed to find out that those shows don’t air on Saturday and Sunday – that is how hooked she is.

This is just a feel-good diary for me.  I am so proud of my mom, who raised me to be a “good DEMOCRAT”.

BTW:  She loves Joe Biden and mocked Palin’s performance last night.  She cannot wait to vote for Obama/Biden.    


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