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Friday Night Pre-Debate Liveblog!

Good evening, folks, it’s your great friend Ragekage here, liveblogging tonight’s debate! Tonight, the great state of Mississippi will finally get black and white television! We’ll see what happens when a frail old white man encounters an African-American looking for change! And could I get any more snarky?

Of course, we already know that John McCain won the debate. In fact, he won it this morning- or so the advertisements from his suspended campaign would have you believe. And Rick Davis- can that guy be any bigger of a douchebag?

Grab yer favorite poison, and join us below the fold for developing events! I will be watching the CSPAN feed, meaning there’ll be no talky-head commentary to “interpret” what went on.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is John McCain’s night to shine; he’s spent his entire life pushing his foreign policy credentials. If there was a time to show up Senator Obama, it’s right here, right now. Let’s see how it goes.


8:52 PM– CSPAN is still on the House of Representatives; thunder and lightning outside here in central Virginia. I need a soundtrack for the debate- five maverick points for suggesting appropriate songs.

8:24 PM– Just perusing the talking heads before I head back to CSPAN. I’ll be back at five to the hour.

7:59 PM– Just in time to watch Dennis kick it on CSPAN, the pizza arrives- early! For the first time in my life. Mmm, pepperoni, canadian bacon, extra cheese. Yes, that’s right, folks- this is the sort of hard-hitting journalism you can expect here at The Motley Moose!

7:31 PM– Alrighty, I’m just ordering pizza now. Cracking open the fridge- I’ve got a choice of Miller Lite, Heiniken Lite. Anyone got ideas for a drinking game? Anytime McCain references being a POW, howabout, we have to take a shot?


  1. sricki

    Ultimate battle between new and old, change and stagnation, good and evil, hip and lame, sexy smooth operator and underpaid Wal-mart greeter. Poor McGramps.

    We shall see EPIC pwnage.

  2. But I’ve bloody sobered up.

    Where’s the tequila? No, brandy. I’ll swig every time McCain mentions war, and choke any time he mentions his VP choice and/or his feminism

  3. nrafter530

    This freaks me out. We have underestimated McCain and overestimated Obama’s ability to do this type of thing. Obama’s like and I’d suck in debates.

    Thank God Obama has a 5 point lead. He would really have to fuck up to bring it back to a tie.

    I just hope it goes well for Obama tonight. I don’t even know if I can watch.  

  4. Stephalopolis

    I’ve been waiting for tonight for a long time.  And no, I’m not just talking about getting drunk from the POW drinking game.  First presidential debate as a voter– too young for the last one by exactly 10 days.

    Live tweeting… should be interesting.

  5. Stephalopolis

    And the winner of the “Best Tie of the Night” is Obama.

    I say winning on this topic, but I’m a little biased and have a hard time focusing on McCain.

    And no, you did not call for his resignation, you said you would fire him.

  6. Jjc2008

    I want the rich to pay up….dammit.

    They have been stealing from the poor to give to the rich for since the Reagan years.  I not only want it to stop, I want the fat cats to pay back the money they have stolen…..

    I MEAN IT.

    • ragekage

      Excellent pizza. Limiting myself to one beer before the debate; wouldn’t want to liveblog all loopy, especially considering the drinking game.

    • Kysen

      that ‘pepperoni’ there (and, presumably elsewhere in Europe)is what we call ‘pepperoncinis’ here.

      Ordered a Pepperoni Pizza and was like…wtf?

      Love pepperoncini on salads…not so much on my pizza.


    • Jjc2008

      Obama is not good on his feet….one of the reasons my preferred was Hillary….that woman can out debate anyone…including Bill.

      But McCain is not that good.  In fact, I find him irritating.

      He stutters and repeats and his grin comes off as a smart ass……in other words, he shows what he is which is just an old frat boy, the military type.

      • Never missed a primary debate. Is this like the play offs? Or could it even be a come-down after Hillary Obama?

        What’s with this aim thing? Don’t tell me I’m missing out some cool textual interventions from sricki and rage.

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