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ActBlue Moose- Candidates that stand out from the Herd

Over at the right side of this page, you'll notice the spiffy ActBlue donation link. Right now, we've got four candidates on that list:

-Barack Obama, President

-Ronnie Musgrove, MS-SEN

-Tom Periello, VA-05

-Sam Rasoul, VA-06

But we want to know what other candidates you think represent the ideals we espouse here at the Motley Moose.

Thoughts? Ideas?


  1. Kysen

    I’d like to request that Glenn Nye (VA-02) be added to the Motley Act Blue page.

    He is up against Thelma Drake….a complete Bush ass-kisser.

    He has a chance. The coattails of Warner and Obama are going to be of great help to all Virginia races this year.

    Every little bit helps.


  2. psychodrew

    Anne Barth WV-02?

    The GOP incumbent is a total neo-con and she only won the seat in 2000 because her father was a former governor.  I’m worried that she might be in a position to take Byrd’s Senate seat when he retires if we don’t get her out of office now.

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