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Saturday All Day Check-in for the Herd

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The morning check-in is an open thread posted to give you a place to visit with the meeses. Feel free to chat about your weather, share a bit of your life, grump (if you must), rave (if you can). The diarist du jour sometimes posts and runs, other times sticks around for a bit, often returns throughout the day and always cares that meeses are happy … or at least contented.

On weekends (and holidays), you may find the check-in thread earlier or later than normal because … it is the weekend! Moosies need their beauty rest:

For those new to the Moose, Kysen left a Moose Welcome Mat (Part Deux) so, please, wipe your feet before you walk in the front door start posting.

The important stuff to get you started:

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– Finally, the posting rules for a new diary: “Be excellent to each other… or else

(Some other commenting/posting/tending notes for newbies can be found in this past check-in and, of course, consult Meese Mehta for all your questions on meesely decorum.)

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Let the greetings begin!



  1. DeniseVelez

    I am moving slowly this morning but happy that I can turn the heat down a bit in the house – no bone numbing drafts.

    Congrats Jan and WI for an Elite 8 slot!

    And I love Cinderella’s like Dayton.


  2. Diana in NoVa

    Rain, more rain, and gloom this weekend. JanF, too bad we can’t provide nicer weather for you!

    Had no idea you were going to journey to this area. Will have to go back and read yesterday’s check-in, which I didn’t read because of having to diary-tend over at the other place. Missed you all, though.

    Denise, so pleased to hear of the honor from the NAACP! ‘Tis well deserved. Actually, I think I joined the organization a few months ago–not sure, would have to go back and check some of the 5,000 emails in my inbox.

    Stayed out of bed for almost all of yesterday, although I did have to rest after lunch. Ate dinner again. Think I’m getting better!

    Everyone have a great Saturday and do something fun!

  3. anotherdemocrat

    Eating breakfast & watching Up. Wow, Kornacki is young – born in 79. And “Millenials” — oh, man, I’m old.

    Going to lunch with my friend who has brain cancer. Wherever she wants, of course. So maybe I’ll exercise, maybe not. And I should figure out what I’m eating next week so I can at least buy groceries.

  4. princesspat

    Maggie is stretched out on my lap, doing a very good job of reminding me to stay quiet and not disturb her :)

    Safe travels Jan….enjoy an extra slice of chocolate cake for me!

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