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Wednesday Watering Hole: Check In & Hangout for the Herd

Good morning, Moosekind. Don’t forget to let your peeps know where to find you.

The common Moose, Alces alces, unlike other members of the deer family, is a solitary animal that doesn’t form herds. Not so its rarer but nearest relative, Alces purplius, the Motley Moose. Though sometimes solitary, the Motley Moose herds in ever shifting groups at the local watering hole to exchange news and just pass the time.

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The morning check-in is an open thread and general social hour. Come back when time allows through the day – the conversation continues.

It’s traditional but not obligatory to give us a weather check where you are and let us know what’s new, interesting, challenging or even routine in your life lately. Nothing is particularly obligatory here except:

Always remember the Moose Golden (Purple?) Rule:

Be kind to each other… or else.

What could be simpler than that, right?

It’s OK if you prefer to remain anonymoose here. There’s an app for that.

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slksfca updates h/t GlenThePlumber:

silks is thru the surgery…according to nurses surgery went well…he spent an hour in recovery…x-rays…currently is his room resting and drugged…no phone contact with the silky one yet…might not happen until tomorrow…but an attempt will be made.

Just spoke with him on the phone. He said he was told surgery went very well. His throat is sore from being intubated but that is normal. He’s groggy. He’s waiting for food. He’s in good spirits. He’s watching tv but has no idea what it is. lol.

I’m going to go up first thing in the morning and deliver his worldly possessions including his phone. I’ll let you know how our visit goes.

And this good news from nchristine in the comments:

I GOT THE OFFER!!!!!  I start on the 18th of March.  Thank you all for bearing with me and my foibles during the past months.

And now, on with the show…


  1. iriti

    Heading for a spring-like 52.

    Relieved and happy to hear slksfca is doing well. He’s still got a bit of recuperation ahead, but the worst is behind him.

    Another option for those who are incognito:

     photo aamooseanon_zpsd724aabd.jpg

  2. ilovecheese

    Finished feeding Bullwinkle, the cat that owns me. Still raining outside at a warm 39 degrees. Must feed myself!

  3. Khloe

    Yay for Silky! He shall be on the town doing the CanCan before we know it.

    It cycled rain and snow all night. It’s a shushy fest outside, this fine morn. I’m not going to think about the coming freeze……

     photo catdroolz.jpg  

  4. Coffee will do the rest.

    Alces purplius! Finally an excuse explanation for why the moose here gather in herds. Today I shall not be anonymoose but present and accounted for.

    It is 29 degrees in Madison WI. We are still under a winter weather advisory until noon with snow off and on. It appears that we got about 4 inches.

  5. Khloe

    Hot off the presses:

    The bells have rung. It’s white smoke over Rome. Pope Cattistus The First has just been elected by the Cardinals. Cattistus is about to make his first appearance on the balcony.

     photo catpope.jpg

  6. Warmer but wet here in NYC. Blech. And I slept badly. Phooey. Not much work to do (that’s not good, I’m a consultant, but it works well today).

    A Moose-equitte question: I have two websites about the two sorts of consulting I do. Is it OK to post about them here?

    See you in the F-bomb and in What are You Reading (now up).

  7. Jk2003

    More snow today in St. Charles. Bowe got four or five inches yesterday.  Hard to tell cause the wind was blowing so damn hard.  Two more today so  this is like a real snow.  Happy am I.  

    Glad to hear silky is through and that things went well.  That’s big time surgery and I can only imagine how relieved he is that it is done.

    Have a great day all!

  8. wordsinthewind

    the wind blew overnight but is supposed to calm down to merely breezy today. We have a new window in the bedroom so we didn’t hear it, it is amazing how much difference they are making. We’re taking a break from construction to go to our cabin in the hill country this weekend, I haven’t been this year yet and am looking forward to getting away. It’s beautiful there at least if it’s not cedar fever season which should have passed by now. The last time I was exposed to that I had to see the dr. for antibiotics for the actual infection it caused. That’s some seriously bad stuff and worse yet since the cedar is an invasive non-native.

  9. nchristine

    anywhere today.

    I GOT THE OFFER!!!!!  I start on the 18th of March.  Thank you all for bearing with me and my foibles during the past months.

  10. LeftOverFlowerChild

    Silks is doing well, nchristine got her job and we can all look forward to a can-can performance from Silks and Nurse Kelley!

    No wind this morning, a little on the cool side, but warming up to a nice 60 today. Enjoying tea and english muffins with some yummy orange marmalade this morning. A trip to the post office to mail off a few things and then I’m back to work on a few work projects.

    Happy Wednesday Purple Folks!

     photo 2cz3eyh_zpsd370991f.jpg

  11. pittiepat

    morning but have put that project on hold until after noon, when allegedly the snow will stop.  It’s just below freezing and will get a few degrees above with flurries forecast for the next two days.  Much of I-70 across Missouri is a mess, particularly at the Kansas City end.  Columbia is exactly (give or take a couple of miles) between KC & StL so there is exceptionally heavy truck traffic the whole way across the state.  No place for a sensible person to be.

  12. Diana in NoVa

    Are child meese called “mooseketeers”? Or “moosekins”?

    So glad to hear slksfca is recovering well!  Love and healing vibes to him, cross-country.

    Sunshine and 41 F. here in Northern Virginia. “I can see clearly now the rain has gone.”  And what I see is that a certain person needs to do some tidying up around here.

    So glad for nchristine for getting the job!  Congratulations and many joys!

    Is Switzerland trying to emulate the USA with gun murders?  Awful thought.

    My dog talks.  This morning Monty Beagle sat by my side of the bed as Dearly Beloved and I were sitting up drinking our early morning tea. He wanted his breakfast and he wanted it right away. He grumped, growled, and harangued until I got out of bed and did his bidding. Why am I allowing someone who is 19 months old in human time rule my life?  

  13. cassandracarolina

    Itchy eyes! That’s my excuse for any typos today!  Looking forward to hosting the check-in diary tomorrow with dear occupant.  

  14. dear occupant

    Tom says Chicago weather is to be dominated by the chilly, backside circulation of the huge eastbound storm system for several more days. it’s snowing now even as yesterday’s snow is melting and it’s one big sloppy mess.

    here’s hopin’

     photo thCALB3W1H.jpg

    woot for silky and nchristine!

    have a great day everyone

  15. anotherdemocrat

    Eating breakfast – I brought my smoothies with me (didn’t want all that food in my fridge to go bad). I forgot to pack my glasses, so my doc is e-mailing me my prescription & I’ll go to a 1-hour place. Was weird getting up & putting in the contacts almost immediately.

    Today: gym & hospital, then maybe the gym again. My brother said even conscious last Sunday, Mom wasn’t coherent. She had an infection but that must be gone, because when I touched her forehead, she seemed cool. I don’t know if she was trying to wake up, but every few minutes, she’d seem to furrow her brow & move around. So today will be what it will be.

  16. bill d

    Got spoiled with the warm temperatures and now seasonal weather is back for a bit.

    Hope everyone has a good Wednesday.

  17. Nurse Kelley

    It’s gorgeous! My guy just finished plowing the drive and clearing the stairs, so I can get out and slide down the Peak to a massage. (I know. Being retired is hard.)

    Hoping to hear more about/from Scott before I go. If I do, I’ll stick the news under iriti’s tip jar.

  18. ursoklevar

    Headed for 54 Saturday and 58 Sunday. The birdies are twittering away.

    Thrilled beyond measure that nchristine got the job she wants and that silky has joined the ranks of us bionic hipsters. Now for some brekkie…

     photo lemur.gif

  19. Cheryl Kopec

    Currently 44, supposed to hit 50 today, light wind, no precip. Ssshhh, don’t tell anyone — we’re not supposed to spread it around, or everyone will want to live here!

    Sitting here trolling for quotes about social media to use for a class I give twice a month to seniors. So far I’ve got 2:

    (from a Twitter user): “Twitter will make you love someone you never meet, Facebook will make you hate someone you’ve known your whole life.”

    (on a blog, speaking of rude or abusive online conduct): “I have no tolerance for that behavior in meatspace; those boundaries don’t change for me online.”

    (I adapted that second one from, I think, dear occupant on his Sensei thread.)

    If any Meese have punchy quotes on using SM, its role in today’s society, pitfalls, etc., bring ’em on!

  20. I’m self-employed, and work has been erratic lately.

    I’ve racked up huge vet bills for my horses and cats, and had to put down my elder horse a week ago.

    And now, after weeks of growing difficulty in functioning, I’ve seen an orthopedist for persistent hip pain and got the verdict I was afraid I’d hear:

    I need a total hip replacement.

    Oh, it doesn’t have to be right away; I can put it off till I just can’t live with the discomfort and restrictions any more.  But, having looked at the x-ray and seen the wear-and-tear damage to the joint for myself, it’s a matter of when, not if.

    Crap.  I did not need to hear that.

  21. slksfca

     Overconfident heading into surgery. I mean that I survived (slendidly!) the physical challenges facing me, but the emotional challenges have been  a  whole other kettle of fish. “Shift”  is more than just the description of what is happening to the leadership of the Roman Religion.

    Anyhoo, I have gained patience and wisdom throught my ordeal. And I HOPE that CBS and ABC have learned a thing or two about what they’re selling to America’s ladies.

    [NOTE – I’ve left the previous paragraph exactly as originally typed even though I haven’t a clue as to what I was carrying on about in the first place. As may easily be perceived, and the reason people tend to stare at me here, is that my typical standard (of LIFE itself as a specie of performance) has been amplified and corroborratted thank yew so much.

    Love Your Purple Mountain Majesties, and I expect to have far less access to opiates aand stuff very soon, so enjoy while you can. My “appearance” in Hollywood will be strictly OTR, NTK, and all the rest.

    Thanks for your many kindnesses!  

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