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Sunday All Day Brunch: Refrigerator Magnets

Welcome to Sunday All Day Brunch. This is an open topic thread so help yourself to the goodies and sit a spell and let us know what is new in your life. One of the things I inherited from my Mom was her love of refrigerator magnets. My fridge is loaded with them. Sometimes I even use them to hold up notes but for the most part they are decorations. I got some from my Mom and one from my Dad. I gravitate towards unicorns and cats but I have some other types too.

 photo TopMagnets_zps2d4f44c2.jpg

 photo BottomMagnets_zps9885ad25.jpg

 photo Magnets1_zps2b74b36d.jpg

 photo Magnets2_zps587964f1.jpg

 photo Magnets4_zps0373d6f3.jpg

 photo Magnets5_zps47f3598a.jpg

 photo Magnets6_zps58e7ac93.jpg

 photo Magnets7_zps5d3518f7.jpg

 photo Magnets11_zpse1c72cfc.jpg

 photo Magnets15_zps925e2883.jpg

 photo Magnets16_zps741cc747.jpg

 photo Magnets17_zps3bb576b5.jpg

 photo Magnets21_zps9688dc47.jpg


  1. Wee Mama

    refrigerator (don’t ask why, I haven’t the foggiest). We did a bang up job using an appliance box as the base. It had a door that opened and several refrigerator magnets on it! 😀

  2. I’ll take some pics.

    At first I thought they were “tacky”. As with I don’t know how many other issues, I finally realized that Donna was the healthy one and I was just worried about fitting other people’s expectations.

    Fridge magnets rock.

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