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Late Night Poetry Jam

Evenin’, Moose.

I will admit that I’m not much of a poet, though I love poetry deeply. There are a lot of reasons I don’t share poetry here. One is that I haven’t actively written poetry in years. In fact, I burned my “collected writings” in the late spring of 2006. (Perhaps best if I don’t go into why.) The other reason I don’t share poetry here is that I’m a bit embarrassed. Like I said, I’m no true poet. When I do write, I tend to be melodramatic to the point that it makes me shake my head when I go back and read.

Still, the Moose is a bit slow of late, and I’ve shown my ass here plenty of times – so why should I be embarrassed by a bit of bad poetry? And I know we’ve got poets here (I am looking at you in particular, John and Peter). So let’s see it, folks. Good poetry, bad poetry, and everything in between. Sonnets, epics, haikus, whatever. Serious, depressing, cheerful, or cheeky, I wanna see some writing here. Feel free to make up goofy shit on the fly! No one has an excuse not to post at least ONE silly limerick or haiku. 😉

So now…

…without further ado…

Kysen and sricki present Late Night Poetry Jam!

A Moosey limerick from sricki:

Our Blasky’s the bravest of Moose,

but look out when he runs on the loose.

From the North to the South,

putting weird shit in his mouth,

In spite of the vomiting induced.

Two Moosey limericks from Kysen:

Brit is our resident limey

known for the occasional “Blimey!”

His rapier sharp wit

gives Yankees a fit.

I don’t know what word here will rhymey…

We on the Moose love our Spiffy

the big-hearted goof brings fun in a jiffy

the things he finagles

(to be named Tony Bagels?)

would give laughter fetishists a stiffy!

A badly-metered/rhymed (but serious, o noes!) sonnet from sricki:

I walked alone along a barren shore

as clouds o’erhead together crept en masse

and winds began to rush and lightly roar

along the dark’ning waves by which I passed.

I glanced toward the lonely dimming road

I’d found and followed seeking inward peace,

as if in outward solitude I strode

I might this raging inner tumult cease.

But though it took me long and far from home

to fading paths beside forgotten seas,

unrest yet follows me where’re  I roam,

and placid waters churn beneath the breeze,

till roiling currents toss a sea that breathes

and rushes forth as surging darkness seethes.

A Moosey haiku from Kysen:

john is a poet

happy wears what fogiv draws

moose are talented

Bonus Moosey tongue twister from sricki:

Crisp kitty claws, clinking, clicking and crawling across the countertop, creep our crazy comrade Kysen keenly.


Let’s see what ya got Moose!


  1. Kysen

    In wanting to write a limerick for Sricki

    Finding words that would rhyme proved itself tricky

    From sticky and icky

    To hickey or quickie

    It’s best that I stopped ‘fore I laughed myself sicky

  2. sricki

    There once was a Gooper named Palin.

    She knew a whole lot about failin’.

    I’m not shy to share

    I hope she’s eaten by bears.

    From then on life should be smooth sailin’.

  3. Kysen

    shaun and john are smart

    kysen not so much

    their discussions confuse him

    denise makes me smile

    she is a firecracker

    says it like it is

    moose are a’sleepin

    k and sricki are not

    some things never change

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