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The Modern Republican Emergency State

Tactics are often a tricky thing to discern; in war, a commander’s ability to remain one step ahead of opposing forces may well bring victory over defeat.

In politics, victory means the ability–or inability–to push for positive change. When a few hundred men can control the lives of our nation’s military men and women, the livelihood of her selfless public servants and the specter of a powerful economy, political “victory” of open-minds over dangerously closed-minds is perhaps a greater national priority than token “bipartisanship”–a popular whine by Republicans and Democrats when each party isn’t getting their respective way.

Republicans have been quick to implicate Democrats each year in a phantom ploy to capsize capitalism, whining about their pushing of a Welfare State or a Nanny State. This wholesale misleading of the electorate has befallen many a promising progressive and allowed our country to wallow in its current systemic quicksand.

Yet as the Boehner-led 112th Congress makes clear, Republicans have a tactic of their own to gain power of not just the political reigns of power, but the economic strings, as well. They advocate replacing our federal republic with a stateless market structure more accountable to Chinese investors than it is to American citizens. Their tool in this endeavor?

The Emergency State.

Modern-day Republicanism craves crisis and controversy. Over $1 trillion has been spent–not on health care or tax cuts for working Americans–but on two wars spawned by a Republican administration claiming “emergency powers”. Citing a McCarthyesque socialist emergency, Republicans accused and castigated progressives all the way to the ballot box for finally–in our lifetimes–passing a law paving the way for basic health-care access in America. And in Wisconsin today, a Republican governor is threatening to fire thousands of innocent American teachers and other public servants if Democratic lawmakers don’t capitulate to his demands.

Have you noticed that over the past 40 years, Republicans are always citing some dire threat? The Soviet Union, communism, socialism, terrorism, Islam anywhere, “weapons of mass destruction,” health care, marriage equality, tax cuts that don’t include the very wealthy, teachers, collective bargaining, etc. These are all, apparently, terribly apocalyptic disasters that will destroy our way of life. And the American taxpayer has been duped into spending trillions and trillions of dollars to fund the next emergencies–economic recession and a now-suddenly-relevant national debt.

The goal here–whether deliberate or unknowing by some–is to replace popular consent with shareholder consent. In other words, you only get a say in how you’re governed if you can afford to buy in. And further, Republican leadership wants the political power to have a direct hand in how such a sovereign-less market-nation decides who gets in the gate and who is left out on the curb.

Mike Huckabee–a very mainstream Republican with a large, loyal following–pointed this out in a Freudian-slip kind of moment today describing why one should support him and his colleagues: “Most of us grew up going to boy scout meetings, and you know, our communities were filled with rotary clubs, not madrassas.”

In other words, if you’re not part of “the club”–you don’t belong.

I’m a progressive because I don’t believe I should have to buy my freedom.

Originally posted by The Journeying Progressive


  1. THIS IS AN EMERGENCY. I need you all to recommend this post as soon as possible. If you don’t…THEY will win. We have to get THEM first before THEY get US.

    Freedom is at stake.

  2. HappyinVT

    today’s Republican Party ~ or at least some who seek to profit from it.

    Little Green Footballs has become a daily website for me and yesterday Charles had a post about the Tea Party turning on John Boehner.  I’m not sure how much they embraced him but they don’t like him now:

    Boehner “did not get the message” from the tea party movement demanding big cuts to federal spending, Phillips said, and “the honeymoon is over.” The movement should respond, he said, by finding “a candidate to run against John Boehner in 2012 and should set as a goal, to defeat in a primary, the sitting Speaker of the House of Representatives.”

     Original story is at

    I think Boehner knows he cannot satisfy the Tea Partiers because he’ll never get what they want past the Senate or the White House so he’ll negotiate until the concessions piss off the base so bad they want to unfriend him.  (Sounds familiar, though.)

    But then you have Limbaugh and Beck et al filling their listeners/viewers with what most people know to be nonsense; or building up false expectations.  The President is a Muslim/commie/fascist/socialist/unAmerican/tyrant/wuss.  There’s no way they were going to be able to to cut $100 billion from this year’s budget.  The government shut down is a really bad idea.  Shoot, going after the unions hasn’t worked out so well, either (although Ohio just makes me want to cry).  As some of the commenters at the link pointed out Limbaugh, Beck and Co I think like having Obama as president.  He is a very convenient target and they can continue to rail against him and his policies.  Although Beck may have gone too far off the sanity track; he’s under 2 million viewers for the first time ever.

    I’d like to think House Republicans have made a big mistake not at least trying to look like they are trying to tackle the economy.  From the bit I heard this morning we may actually be on the way to recovery but they will not be able to list one thing they did to aid that recovery…and not be lying (which won’t stop them, I know).

    Running for re-election on defunding Planned Parenthood, unsuccessfully I might add, won’t get you very far.  And if the Tea Party portion of the Republican Party is looking to primary Speaker Boehner I say bring it on.

  3. HappyinVT

    PHOENIX – The budget is not balanced. The governor wants to eliminate health care for 250,000 people. Nearly one out of 10 Arizonans who want jobs can’t find one. And there are plans to slash funding for higher education.


    Senators also voted to create yet another special license plate. But unlike some others aimed at raising money for causes like spaying pets, service to veterans and organ donation, the proceeds from this license plate would benefit tea party groups around the state.


    The new license plate provoked a different discussion. SB 1402 would create a special plate, designed with a picture of the “Don’t Tread on Me” flag showing a coiled rattlesnake on a background of yellow.

    But the debate had nothing to do with the design.

    “We have never had a license plate that promotes a political agenda,” said Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Phoenix.

    What’s behind the plates is money: Of every $25 additional annual fee paid to the state, $17 goes to the benefiting organization for its own programs. In this case, a committee of five people, all of whom would have links to tea parties, would divide up the proceeds.

    But Senate President Russell Pearce, R-Mesa, denied anything about it is political.

    h/t wonkette

    If people are dumb enough to pay an extra $25 for this tag while believing it’s appropriate then they deserve to be taken for a ride (pun intended).  Although I’m not sure how this is legal.

  4. Shaun Appleby

    The use-by-date on this crap is way, way past.  Let these oafs hang their hats on it, I reckon, and they will look increasingly like the humiliating embarrassment Beck has become.  Palin, for example, is increasingly comedic and even her supporters are getting a bit squeamish, I’m guessing.  And Bachman, well, she seems to have been drinking Bin Laden’s Nescafé lately, don’t you think?

    Ironically al Qaeda and the Republican Götterdämmerung Wurlitzer are looking equally irrelevant and stupid.  Incidentally, someone should probably do a Hitler parody of Bin Laden’s humiliation at the hands of Qaddafi over the last week, it has been a pretty thorough reaming.  He is currently a derided laughing stock throughout the Muslim blogosphere.  Qaddafi did in a few days what we failed to achieve in two decades.

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