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Rep. Raul Grijalva speaks out

Let us not forget one of the other Congresspeople in AZ targeted by vandals, xenophobes and haters.

HuffPo reports:

Grijalva: Tea Party Must Look At Their Own Behavior

Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz.), who represents a district adjacent to Gabrielle Giffords’s, said that Saturday’s shooting is a consequence of the vitriolic rhetoric that has arisen over the past few years among extreme elements of the Tea Party.

“The climate has gotten so toxic in our political discourse, setting up for this kind of reaction for too long. It’s unfortunate to say that. I hate to say that,” Grijalva said in an interview with The Huffington Post. “If you’re an opponent, you’re a deadly enemy,” Grijalva said of the mindset among Arizona extremists. “Anybody who contributed to feeding this monster had better step back and realize they’re threatening our form of government.”

Here’s a photo (photo-shopped with turban and lengthened beard) of him prominently displayed on a right wing AZ hate site:


He said:

“that Tea Party leader Sarah Palin should reflect on the rhetoric that she has employed. “She — as I mentioned, people contributing to this toxic climate — Ms. Palin needs to look at her own behavior, and if she wants to help the public discourse, the best thing she could do is to keep quiet.”

Grijalva said that his family has been provided with protection and that he expects further precautions will be taken by Capitol Police when he returns to Capitol Hill.

Action: Help stamp out hate.

Please support the Southern Poverty Law Center.


  1. Those idiots on the Arizona hate site have turned him into….wait for it… a SIKH!

    Can you believe that level of stupidity, let alone the obnoxious race/religious hatred. Mind you, ignorance and intolerance often walk hand in hand down the broad AZ highway, towards the eternal bonfire.

  2. is quite revealing. 2010 was his fifth consecutive win. It was, however, a lot closer than any other race. He won by more than 20% in 2008, by more than 25% in 2006, by nearly 30% in 2004, and by 22% in his first race in 2002. His district is heavily Democratic. The drop-off in support for 2010 is shocking. He only won by 6%. It would have been much closer if an independent and a libertarian weren’t also in the race. It really opens my eyes about the political environment leading up to the 2010 midterms.  

  3. We will see whether they leave it up or not.

    Chris Blask

    January 9th, 2011 on 11:42 am

    Are you proud of yourself for that photoshopped image with the turban and the beard? Sowed enough fear and hatred for one day, or do you have more?  Perhaps a visual indicating that someone is Jewish, or Mormon or Buddhist or simply Not Me with an abstract implication that I should fear them?

    Conservatism is about individual rights and freedoms, not turning groups against each other. Ayn Rand would dismiss you out of hand as a faux conservative.

  4. DeniseVelez

    post of this diary:

    Thanks to Everyone for Speaking Out (10+ / 0-)

    Recommended by:

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    This is a difficult time for us in Southern Arizona, and no less so for everyone around the country concerned about the state of our national politics, culture and discourse. I share many of the worries you’ve all voiced here. We can’t keep going down the road we’re on, or we’ll end up tearing our democracy apart. I don’t say that lightly. I truly believe we have reached a point near the precipice and need to step back.

    This was the act of one man — who may have had accomplices — but his act speaks to the entire nation in a voice that has become too recognizable: a voice that speaks in anger, fear, confusion and most of all hatred. Understanding may come later, with time. Right now, the most important thing we can do is focus on what we can control: our own actions, our own speech, our own conduct. We can’t let this country continue to slide into such horrible division. If trust in government is destroyed and replaced with vitriol, no one gains anything in the long run. It’s in our best interest to pursue reasonable, peaceful solutions to our problems and keep the rhetoric to a passionate but respectful level.

    I know Gabrielle Giffords and have worked with her, in and out of Congress, for many years. She never let fear stop her from doing her job for the people she represents. That’s a bigger testament to her character than I think many people realize. She welcomed the public at every event and never hesitated to hear someone speak, right or left, agree or disagree. It truly saddens me that her openness to public service has cost her and her family so much. Let’s all work together to make sure it doesn’t cost the country even more.

    by Raul Grijalva on Sun Jan 09, 2011 at 02:10:38 PM EST

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