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Hey Moosers!!

Here is a new ad by the DNC.  It’s great, and it basically does what we have been dying for from the administration.  It’s a great way to show all of the President’s main accomplishments in a flashy way.

I’m not sure what the reason is but he isn’t getting the credit he deserves for what has been already accomplished.

Here’s the video:

Now, it’s our job to start spreading it far and wide.  Post it on your FB and Twitter accounts.  Share it on other blogs you post on, share it on any groups or pages you “like” on FB.

Let’s do our part to help the President spread the word of what good government looks like.

It looks like this.

Let’s do it!


  1. jsfox

    According to a CNN poll released Wednesday, 56% of Americans approve of President Obama’s job performance during the lame duck session — 14 points higher than the 42% approval rating for Congressional Republicans over the same period. Even the Democratic Party, which just one month ago suffered enormous midterm losses, polled slightly higher than the GOP, with 44% of Americans approving of their job performance in the lame duck session.


  2. This seems to be a pattern from his career – at least what I’ve observed since 2004. An initial boost of excitement followed by a period of uncertainty, even a sense of failure (think of mid primary or GE August lull or HRC). The naysayers try to say ‘I told you so all along (a lot of the same people around today). Even the hopers get a little dismayed. And then, like a rabbit out of a hat, we wins Iowa, or romps home in the election, or gets HRC done or – as now – pulls in some legislative magic out of a lame duck session.

    It’s strange to me that such an effective president gets so much hatred. It isn’t all racism by any means. Or indeed the anti-intellectual thing either. It’s because he challenges our notions of hope and practicality. Most leaders who speak like he does, with his emotional resonance, either get shot, marginalised or were never real hardcore political figures. Somehow he gets both the radical emotions, and the mandarin pragmatic legislative stuff.

    I must admit, the constant negativity was beginning to wear me down towards the end of this year. The way Obama was talked about as worse than Bush, as bad as Hitler or Stalin, was such a bag of crazy naivete (or perhaps cynical trolling) that one could barely get to argue against it.

    But our faith in the administration was not a delusion. This is a great way to see out the old year.  

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