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Will these cause another pie fight?

The Notorious Pie Fight Scene Cut From Dr Strangelove

From 3 Quarks Daily – a message to the Pundit class…

At the risk of sounding unappreciative of your daily service to American democracy, we ask: Aren’t you ashamed of yourselves? You profess to know so much about how the country ought to be run. You claim to know how to save America. Isn’t it immoral of you to decline to serve the American public in an official capacity? Given the principles you embrace concerning power and accountability, it would seem that you should take yourself to be morally required to seek public office. So why don’t you?

Anything from John Cole over at Balloon Juice who seems to be on a tear of late. If you think Obama is dissing Progressives. He looks like a piker compared to Cole.

But this one gives you a hint –…

PM Carpenters Commentary on Paul Krugman. I am not going to include a quote because I am intellectually lazy and a bit of a coward.…

From Chait on the good and the really bad of the tax cut deal.

Take away quote:

From the perspective of the first chart, the liberal revolt against Obama is crazy. He prevented mass economic suffering by winning a second sgtimulus that Republicans would otherwise never have agreed to. On the other hand, they can’t be sure he really will hold the line in 2012. But the liberal revolt does help demonstrate the costs the administration will pay if it capitulates on the upper-bracket Bush tax cuts in 2012. In that sense, their complaining is quite helpful.

[emphasis added]

And from the land of are you serious?

The Minnisota Republican party threw out 18 moderate Republicans for backing a third party candidate for Governor.…

In a dramatic display of the new Republican order, Minnesota’s state GOP banished 18 prominent party members – including two former governors and a retired U.S. senator – as punishment for supporting a third-party candidate for governor.

The stunning purge, narrowly passed by the state Republican central committee last weekend, suggests more than just a fit of pique: by banning some of the state’s leading moderates, the Minnesota GOP moved toward extinguishing a dying species of Republican in one of its last habitats.

And then there is Teva High Heels. This one leaves me really scratching my head.(

Anthony Weiner may end up having the quote of the week on VP Biden’s newest mission as point man back to the Congress:

“Biden brings everything that Rahm Emanuel brings, but the major difference is everyone likes Joe Biden.”…

PM Update: As all of you probably already know a Federal Judge in VA has ruled today that the HCR mandates are unconstitutional. What you may not know is that the judge, Henry E. Hudson –

Via: http://tpmlivewire.talkingpoin…

…owns a sizable chunk of Campaign Solutions, Inc., a Republican consulting firm that worked this election cycle for John Boehner, Michele Bachmann, John McCain, and a whole host of other GOP candidates who’ve placed the purported unconstitutionality of health care reform at the center of their political platforms.

One of these days I hope I am honestly able to say: I’m shocked!

And from  what does this mean department;


Washington Post-ABC News poll finds broad bipartisan support for tax package

A slender 11 percent of those polled back all four of the deal’s primary tax provisions: an across-the-board extension of Bush-era tax cuts, additional jobless benefits, a payroll tax holiday and a $5 million threshold for inheritance taxes. Just 38 percent support even two of the components.

But put all four items together, and 69 percent of all Americans support the package. Large majorities of Democrats, Republicans and independents alike favor the agreement, which has drawn stiff opposition from some Democrats in the House. In the poll, 69 percent of liberal Democrats support the agreement, which Obama has called a framework for legislation.

Even when primary objections to the pact are mentioned – that it would add about $900 billion to the federal budget deficit and that it extends tax breaks to the wealthy – 62 percent of all those polled support the package.


  1. IL JimP

    I say good, maybe progressives can focus on the policy instead of the incredible hatred of one Rahm Emmanuel.  

  2. fogiv

    1.) Cole is pretty awesome, but I too am an intellectually lazy coward, so that opinion is just me reinforcing my own bias.

    2.) Carpenter on Krugman: PWNED! Pretty much echo’s my complaint from the other day.

    I think Krugman is often right with regard to policy. On matters politcal, I find his opinions significantly less impressive.

    3.) Minn. purges moderate R’s? Sad but, not surprising. All the more reason to stop fragging our own so much. Extremists need to be kept away from the levers of power.

    4.) Teva high heels might look good with Jeggings.

    5.) Weiner on Biden: SRSLY, how could anyone not like Joe Biden?

  3. DTOzone

    9 Democrats voted to kill the tax cuts for the rich in the Senate.

    Probably 11 since the two Oregon Senators didn’t vote.

    On the other hand, one of my Senators, Kirsten Gillibrand, decided to vote no despite representing a state where a lot of people male $250,000 a year and barely scrape by.

  4. HappyinVT

    Did you wear yourself out yesterday with all that reading?  What did you read today?  I’ll share if you will.

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