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I think they are in the wrong business.

The New York Times has a front-page story,… headlined:

“Democrats Divided on Tax Cut Strategy.”

The story alleges that the White House and the Congressional Democrats are struggling to come up with a unified position as to how to deal with the expiring Bush Tax Cuts. Some of them reportedly have no appetite left for combat.

And they wonder why they just got trounced?

Some Democrats want to take a stand, win or lose, for any option that could depict Republicans as patrons of the richest taxpayers, at the expense of blocking continued tax cuts for the middle class. Others have no appetite left for combat.

Among the options being considered is preserving the middle-class tax cuts but redifining middle class to include households with annual incomes of up to $1 million. Another approach is to extend all rates, but to have a shorter extension for the highest tier.

The Republicans, on the other hand, seem unified in their insistence that the present tax rates be made permanent. The Republicans claim that making all of the tax cuts permanent will help small businesses and promote economic recovery. That seems to be merely a talking point that does not withstand serious scrutiny,

This situation depicts the essence of the two political parties as they currently exist. Public-opinion polls show that there is overwhelming support for extending the rates for households with annual incomes of $250k and below.  Notwithstanding, the Republicans are pushing their position for all it is worth, and at least some Democrats have no stomach for combat.

Those Democrats who have no stomach for combat on this issue need to find new employment.  FDR and Give ’em Hell, Harry! must be spinning in their graves.  If Democrats are not willing to draw a line and fight the Republicans on this issue, then on what issue are they willing to make a stand?


  1. DTOzone

    who are scared of Republicans, because their base in their districts/states are basically Republicans.

    I mentioned last week that while I was at the victory party for a State Senator in NYC on Tuesday, the widow of a former Democratic Congressman, who gained a reputation locally for fighting Reagan tooth and nail in the 80s, went tea party crazy and shouted racial epitaphs at the President.

    When a number of Democratic voters don’t want to fight Republicans, why is it surprising some of those elected don’t?

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