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T-Shirt Escapism Open Thread

Alright.  We had a bad night last night.  We should think soberly and determinedly where and how to commit energy to push back.  But I’m tired.  And tired of compulsively sparring with changevancaulfieldagain2012.  So here’s a game we used to play back in Brooklyn.  Try to come up with the most awkward, disturbing, or unwearable t-shirt slogans.

Note from Ed: You can Generate Your Own T-Shirts here at and just paste the code – though you might want to cut the first center code, and will need to delete the last embed line.  

Here are mine:

I [heart symbol]

Anne Frank





Jesus thinks you’re adequate

Your Mom

Says Hi


  1. Strummerson

    I Hate Your


    Maybe too obvious.  Though there is always the hyperbolic offensive category.  Not sure I want my ideas for that one posted on the web.

  2. Strummerson

    I love this.  Can you imagine me walking into class and running a discussion on Merchant of Venice wearing it?

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