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And now for something completely indifferent…

In the midst of all this impending Tea Party Triumphalism, I popped over to the old D for some nostalgia and comic relief.  If you think that Jack Landsman jumped that place over a few hundred sharks as a frontpager, he’s got nothing on changeagain2012.

I couldn’t help aiding and abetting his:

“Did Obama Royalist Enforcer Thugs Run Everybody Off From MyDD”…

(I should know how to simply link the title by now).

Childish to get involved, I know.  I chalk it up to grading my way through a pile of midterms while ill.

And this brilliant Pumagressive is gracing the front page as well with:

“The Only Politician Obama May Personally Get Elected Isn’t Even A Dem. How Obama’s Choice Is Screwing Rhode Island Democrats.”

Don’t bother for anything other than entertainment’s sake.  If it upsets your stomach, stay away.  But it’s a bit of a relief from reminding my students that all sentences actually require verbs and that they should stay away from invoking “history” and “human nature” in support of their arguments.

At least we don’t live where Brit does.  Saving the economy by throwing 500,000 public sector employees out of work seems bizarre from a variety of perspectives.  Hope it’s not in the cards this side of “the pond.”

Stay strong all.


  1. fogiv

    is pure garbage.  when ‘richard flatts’ is the clear-eyed, level headed thinker of the lot, you’ve got problems.  the site is dead.

    Not the only time

    There definitely is a sect out there that are are forcefully pushing hate politics. I was reminded by this of the election day harassment to voters at the voting area. Maybe you remember the two men of the New Black Panther organization outside of a voting area in Philadelphia with night sticks, or billy clubs. This type of thuggery, unfortunately, are also a demographic voting base for president Obama.  And it seems that Jerome was extending a violent arm to the online internet world as well.

    by jeffrtho 2010-10-29 05:10PM | login to reply | 0 recs

    what. the. fuck.

  2. As part of a GOTV I’m going to post a diary about the ridiculous deficit cutting going on here, which has shades of neo-liberal 1931 all over it.

    Half a million public sector workers out of a job. Knock on of at least half a million in the private sector too thanks to the reverse multiplier effect.

    So… remember. Vote. Or things could be worse.  

  3. Strummerson

    Hey changeagain2012

    Congrats on your front page status!

    This’ll show the o-bot fanboy royalist enforcer thugs.  From the ashes of their storm-trooping, vicious, savage, thought policing, soul crushing, party killing pumacidal holocaust, the voice of a true progressive rises.

    The arc of history is long, but it bends toward justice.


    by Strummerson about 2 hours ago | reply | 0 recs

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    RE: Hey changeagain2012

    your type are  smug, snide, silly and less than useless.

    a perfect example of a online oboma royalist.

    hope you enjoy election night – your type sure did EARN it.

    by changeagain2012 27 minutes ago | reply rec | 0 recs

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    RE: Hey changeagain2012

    OK.  You don’t like snide, I’ll give it to you straight.

    First, I don’t have a “type.”  I don’t leap to pre-judging others by forcing them into “types” either.  Your posture as the object of political repression shows a total lack of historical perspective and ethics.  Read a book, you stupid fuck.  Real blood has been spilled, voices have actually been silenced, entire peoples and perspectives have been materially marginalized with actual weapons and at the cost of actual lives.  Some of them in my own family.  This poseurism is offensive to anyone who is actually engaged in the history of progressive politics, or history in general.  It’s the same self-aggrandizing bullshit victimology exhibited by the tea thugs.  Just the mirror image.  Anyone been interred in a re-education camp, sent to the gulag, disappeared in the past two years?  Don’t even try to equate anything that has happened with political repression.  It’s disgusting.  Beneath contempt.

    It’s your “silly” mentality that paints everyone who disagrees with your self-serving tone and absolutist perspective.  You reveal yourself as a hypocrite by using your supposed victimhood to attack others.  You don’t like vicious savage name-calling?  Don’t call others names.  You don’t want to be branded with a broad brush, don’t paint everyone else with a broad brush.  I agree with many of the critiques of Obama, but you wouldn’t know that, because you are too busy pigeon-holing people so that your limited worldview can make sense of them.  For the record, I have no real beef with Jerome.  I don’t always agree with him.  If he wants to ban me, then fine.  But it won’t be because I showed him any disrespect.  And while you are busy defending him, remember that he’s no victim.  He runs the place.  He can ban whomever he likes at any time.  He banned plenty whom you would label “o-bots” during the primary and afterwards.  I know it doesn’t fit your idiotic narrative, but that’s how it works.

    I’ll remember your description of me as “less than useless” when I am putting aside my students and my family to work GOTV this Tues. to try to “earn” something positive while you will no doubt be crafting another self-righteous diatribe and reveling in your glorious grievances.

    So let loose another bile-soaked diatribe that accomplishes nothing.

    Just remember that YOU are why moderates and independents mock liberals and progressives.  You are a fucking cartoon.  I’ve just been letting off some steam with you and providing you with more rope.  Now I have a life to get back to.

    That’s what I really think.

    by Strummerson less than 5 seconds ago | reply | 0 recs

  4. spacemanspiff

    Typos. Check.

    Obviously trollish behavior. Check.

    Yup. aliveandkickin a.k.a. mumbaiburns a.k.a. (forgot his other handles)

    This person seriously needs help. He is obsessed with that blog.

    Nice to see you around Strummerson!

  5. lojasmo

    The entire fp lineup over there is.  It is absolutely hillis44 land.  Disgusting.  Glad the forum software does not let me post from my iPad.

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