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A WTF Open Thread?

From PPP’s Arizona Governor poll today, which has Jan “Deer in the headlights” Brewer 8 points up on Attorney General Terry Goddard who was kicking her ass before she signs the Driving While Latino bill.

37 percent of Latinos say they’re voting for Brewer

If anything else, it’s entertaining to see the professional left tie themselves in knots explaining this after telling us the immigration law would be an EPIC WIN for Democrats.

One week till doomsday, what are you up to?


  1. Shaun Appleby

    I’m guessing naturalised, self-identified Latinos in Arizona are as concerned about their livelihoods being threatened by undocumented immigrants as anyone, perhaps more so.  Hard to explain as racism, isn’t it?  Someone over at Daily Kos pointed out, somewhat hopefully perhaps, that the cell-phone skew is a factor here.  Who knows?

  2. The only poll I can find by PPP is from April. That poll showed a 71-25% breakdown for Hispanic voters. They point out that Obama carried the Hispanic vote in Arizona by 56-41%. I’d say Goddard is doing pretty well with those numbers and we don’t even have newer numbers that might make things look even better.

    Arizona Governor Poll Preview

    We polled Arizona over the weekend and as you might imagine Jan Brewer’s signing of a controversial immigration bill last week has helped her in some circles and hurt her in others. Here are a couple key findings and we’ll have the full results tomorrow:

    Brewer has seen a significant improvement in her job approval numbers with Republicans. When we looked at the state in September she was under water even with voters of her own party, as 37% of them expressed disapproval of her job performance while only 28% felt she was doing a good job. Now 54% of Republicans approve of her and only 27% disapprove, so she’s seen a good deal of improvement on that front, which should be particularly helpful for her prospects of winning nomination for a full term against a crowded field of primary opponents.

    At the same time Democratic candidate Terry Goddard leads Brewer 71-25 with Hispanics. That may seem ho hum, but consider this: Barack Obama only won Hispanic voters in the state by a 56-41 margin. So Goddard’s outperforming him by more than 30 points there. And on our September poll Goddard was up just 53-33 with Hispanics so it’s a 26 point improvement on the margin even relative to that.

  3. spacemanspiff

    I can picture the Tea Party leading a strike. They could go out on their Medicare-provided scooters and shut down the interstate highway system.

    Reminds me of this…

    The Tea Party is opposing the Education Department, which is like Superman opposing the Kryptonite Department.

  4. fogiv

    Robert Reich posts this comment at Dkos…

    cynicism (14+ / 0-)

    If the nation succumbs to cynicism about our collective ability to act in the public interest, they win and we lose. They celebrate the cynicism. We abhor it, and rightfully so. The next time you hear a progressive who whines about how awful our politics has become, and how impossible it is to achieve meaningful change, tell him (or her) he’s part of the problem.

    by Robert Reich on Tue Oct 26, 2010 at 12:53:42 PM PDT

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    …where he must not visit very often.

  5. DTOzone

    from a friend who became a wingnut. Though it was funny that lady in Kentucky got her head stomped on. Said that’s how ‘Americans deal with you Commies”

    I sorta flared up. Responded. “Well we Italians know how to deal with fascists. Try stomping on my head. There’s a butcher shop down the block and a Hess around the corner.”

    Confused about the reference? He was. Google “Italian fascist gas station”

  6. Shaun Appleby

    From today’s Congressional Oversight Panel on TARP, in reference to the foreclosure crisis I have been harping on recently.  This is Damon Silver, panel member and AFL-CIO General Counsel, a very silky legal eagle.  It’s short and pithy (h/t Karl Denninger):

    Get it?  He’s saying, basically, we can fix the economy, which me must, or preserve the banks, which is what we are doing now, but we can’t do both.  You heard it here first.

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