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David Duke addresses Tea Party

in a video and blames the usual suspects for the decline and fall of his Amerikkkka (Blacks, Jews and Mexicans).

If you can stand it, watch the video.

If not – hat tip to Wonkette for doing a summary in Tea Party Not Quite White Enough For KKK’s Grandest Wizard David Duke

The Tea Party is white as Baby Jesus’ supple ass cheek, which is how it should be, amen. The media is corrupting our children with its slimy Jew-values, and uh, Thomas Jefferson hated black people with a vengeance. See the common theme here? (All three of these things are Articles in the Constitution.)

This video is ten minutes long – and we watched the entire thing, for Freedom. And then Yours Truly crawled to the bathroom, placed his head in the toilet and flushed.

As you  may have heard – the NAACP recently released a Special Report on Tea Party Nationalism, which discusses  hate group infiltrators and recruiters in various Tea Party groups.

Though you may shrug – and think “what else do you expect from David Duke?” I haven’t forgotten, that in 1991 in his run for governor of Louisiana he garnered about 32% of the vote.

No, that is not a typo.  Not 3.2% but 32%.  

The  same kind of people who voted for Duke are getting more and more vocal everyday, and spew the same hate-speech.  They don’t wear hoods either.

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  1. supporters are drawn from the groups that we progressives fear the most – nativists, Birchers, and corporatists. It also attracts hate groups and racists. I’ve been focusing on their links to the philosophy of the John Birch Society. It amazes me that this country accepts them as a legitimate voice in politics. The Birchers were driven from the GOP back in the 60’s and now they are making a comeback. It’s scary. They need to be called out for what they are at every opportunity.

  2. and nod along in agreement with him. They wouldn’t see him as a bigot until he goes off on the Jews later in the video. Of course, there are far too many that would agree with every word he says.

  3. …called the British American Project, I was talking to a young American financial adviser based in London earlier this year.

    I knew she was a right wing Republican, and inadvertently/provocatively called the Tea Partyers ‘Tea Baggers’. She was furious. I kept my cool and told her about their racist connections. She looked at me and said…

    “Well I’d feel safe at one of their rallies’.

    The young woman in question is of Jewish Hungarian stock. Somehow she missed that there are other forms of racism apart from anti semitism.

    And somehow she missed the anti semitic connections of the Tea Party.

    Maybe I should send this video to her  

  4. HappyinVT

    movement.  One of the things that struck me is that some of those who aren’t necessarily into the white supremecist movement will use those who are in order to accomplish their goal of protecting themselves against government intrusion.

    Seems like we can say the same about the Tea Party movement.  I’d venture to guess that while some don’t consider themselves racist they don’t mind using those who are to advance their cause.

  5. DTOzone

    Dems should resort to Republican tactics to win, and fight dirty, this is why they shouldn’t

    ppppolls: By a 41-24 margin Democrats in KY think Aqua Buddha was inappropriate. You can imagine what everyone else thinks

    When you’re own supporters don’t want you to fight dirty, then what?

    I’m noticing a similar problem here in NYC with Anthony Weiner. That idea that he needs to be more “civil.”

    This is why I like to punch hippies, because they want Democrats to do this shit, and then don’t back them up when they do.  

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