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Holy Crap Batman!

Uh oh, I am doing this again and I just can’t stop…but this is on film and is too freaky for me not to share.

Why does Republican Senate nominee Joe Miller of Alaska need a “security detail”? According to Mr. Miller, it may be to prevent another bathroom scandal? Sorry, I know that wasn’t actually a question;~J

If memory serves, we did find out the awful truth in the mid to late 90’s about Swiss banks and some US companies doing business with Nazi Germany before and during the war. W’s Grandfather Prescott Bush, General Motors, and Ford all worked with Nazi Germany between WWI and into WWII to rearm their military industrial complex. (just to name a few off the top of my pointy head;~)

the Nazis and Communists were both part of the same conspiracy.

I think a lot of that stems from confusion of what the National Socialist Party was in post WWI Germany and Hitler’s involvement with that party.

I am certainly no expert in this area, but I see many threads of fascist ideology in American politics and populism over the past century. Glenn Beck and the Tea Pots are just the latest version of this.

We could talk about the political tactics used by the Right Wing over the past 60 years, from McCarthy to Nixon to bush Jr, to win (steal) elections and influence people. The big lie told over and over again, the labeling of the Democrats and liberals as un-American by Karl Rove and his mentor Lee Atwater, and FEAR FEAR FEAR as campaign tools.

The most frightening part for me right now, are the eerie similarities of current economic conditions to the US and the global depression of the 30’s that ushered in Hitler’s Germany.