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I’d Rather Lick Sasquatch Ass…

…than subject myself or those I love to the visual and mental rigors that surely come with watching TLC’s soon to drop Sarah Palin’s Alaska. Here’s a taste:

It’s only thirty seconds worth. Be sure to swallow a couple of charcoal tablets afterwards, just in case.

At long last, some must see teevee for all wide Wingnuttia!

Will America’s best-known hockey mom hike up a snowy mountain, go bear-watching and let reality-show cameras into her home? You betcha!

In a trailer for Sarah Palin’s Alaska, the former Republican vice-presidential candidate and governor of the Last Frontier State is seen doing all that and much more.

“Oh gosh,” she says as she hikes up a snow-blanketed trail. “We are somewhere that people dream about.”

The show follows Palin, 46, on “flippin’ fun” Alaskan adventures – with no shortage of wildlife – for an eight-week run, beginning Nov. 14 on TLC.

“I’d rather be doing this than in some stuffy, old political office,” she says. “I’d rather be out here being free.”

Yeah, she’d rather be doing all that. Except when she’s not. Like when she spends every waking moment bouncing around the country scraping the Citrucel-scented cash from the wallets of the Rascal Ridin’ Revolutionaries of ‘Murica.

Anyone else catch the ‘no boys upstairs’ rule? Tee hee.

Fogiv out.


  1. spacemanspiff

    I’d like to think I’m wrong but the camera loves her.

    Alaska is a great setting and she plays the role perfectly.

    She may not know a lot of things but she is a hustler and has great business sense.

    Some women (like my mom) will eat this up as long as she doesn’t talk any politics.

    I’m pretty sure she’ll be pretty uncontroversial and bland. She’ll let the beautiful scenery do its part.

    Damn you Alaska for being so beautiful!

  2. Shaun Appleby

    We may get our chances sooner than we think.  We are so screwed.  The economy, far from recovering, is about to tank on the one asset pool we have left, the principal place of residence.  We will end up using RICO to prosecute the ‘masters of the universe’ for property, trust and financial fraud in fifty states, foreign actors will control our elections and by the time the Tea Party figures out whom the real villians are they will have run out of rope lynching the only viable populists there are.

    As someone on Rump Roast suggested:

    Sorry, Betty. Obama and the other Western leaders bought us a two-year delay of The Inevitable, but there was no way this wasn’t all going to go Mad Max at some point.

    My advice: Creamed corn, baked beans, safety matches and ball jars. Don’t bother buying a gun – a good one will come through your front door eventually, and its owner probably won’t expect you to electrocute him from behind with an extension cord.

    You can thank me later, if we both make it through.


    We are so screwed.

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