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Exercises in Self-Loathing

The label “Republican woman” has always seemed, to me, to embody a certain amount of inherent self-loathing. The same goes in my mind, I suppose, for “African American Republican,” “Hispanic Republican,” “gay Republican,” and the list continues… Truly, the only people I believe have any real business being Republicans these days (and by that I mean, the only ones who should find conservatism to be in their own self-interest) are rich white dudes who don’t want to pay their fair share of taxes, or maybe even poor white bigots who have nowhere else to go because they would meet the sort of people they hate at every turn under the rather diverse “big tent” of the Democratic party. But nowadays the blatant self-loathing certain groups of Republicans are displaying is becoming increasingly pronounced. Two examples I’ve come across in the last week, which I just couldn’t help commenting on…

First, gay conservatives are proud indeed this week to announce that Ann Coulter will be headlining GOProud’s “Homocon” fundraiser party in New York City next month. Check out their promotional poster, and no this is not a joke:

And they’re thrilled that she’s coming. It’s amazing that anyone could be thrilled about the impending presence of Ann Coulter, but I find it particularly shocking that gay people would be so pleased. This is, after all, the woman who called John Edwards a “faggot” and Al Gore a “total fag,” in contexts which were clearly not intended to be complimentary. Fortunately (I guess), the conservative LGBT community (all 14 of them?) isn’t overly fond of “political correctness” to begin with.

“I’m so tickled that she agreed to do it,” Jimmy LaSalvia, executive director of GOProud told The Daily Caller. “Think about it: She’s hilarious, she’s provocative and, honestly, our folks just love her.”

LaSalvia said Coulter was the only person the group asked to headline the party, and she immediately agreed.

“Of course I’ll do it,” Coulter wrote to GOProud when they asked her to join the event. “I’m the right-wing Judy Garland!”

GOProud used that quip to advertise the event, adding, “our gays are more macho than their straights!” which Coulter wrote in a 2005 article comparing liberals and conservatives.

[. . .]

“This party is about fun. It’s not about placating to the PC crowd,” he said. “Listen, the no-fun police do enough in this world and we want to have a fun party.”

The Daily Caller

It’s not really that I think gay people or, indeed, any “group” of people should march lockstep with any political or social ideology. But Ann Coulter at a gay organization’s fundraiser? Um, how about just a little self-respect, please?

And speaking of a lack of self-respect… What the hell is wrong with women like Sarah Palin and Sharron Angle? Angle is running against Harry Reid (D-NV), and she’s one of several Republican candidates who believe that unwanted pregnancies resulting from rape should be carried to term regardless of the wishes of the mother. Rachel Maddow has done some stellar research and reporting on this, and it’s actually pretty terrifying:

“The Republican Party is, without actually talking about it, this year nominating a group of candidates for top-of-the-ticket races that are more extreme on the issue of abortion than any other slate of top-of-the-ticket candidates in any other year,” Maddow stated on Thursday.

She pointed to several GOP Senatorial candidates or front-runners who have declared that they oppose a right to abortion even in cases of rape or incest, including Nevada’s Sharron Angle, Kentucky’s Rand Paul, and Colorado’s Ken Buck.

According to Maddow, these three “small government conservatives” all believe “that government should be big enough that it can monitor every pregnancy in the country to ensure that every single woman who becomes pregnant is forced by the government to carry that pregnancy to term. … This is a position that was beyond the pale even in fringe anti-abortion politics not very many years ago, but apparently those days are over.”

Raw Story, emphasis added

Does anybody else here get a bit of a shiver (not the good kind) while reading that? Maddow’s guest Melissa Harris-Lacewell had some intriguing (and chilling) insight.

She then turned to political scientist Melissa Harris-Lacewell, asking, “How did even anti-abortion politics in mainstream electoral politics get so fringe-y?”

“We’re in a period of deep economic anxiety,” Harris-Lacewell replied, suggesting that people are trying to assert control over their own lives by controlling women’s reproduction.

She also pointed to racially-based fear of illegal immigrants, which leads some people to fear that “on one hand … there’s a population that is over-reproducing. … On the other hand, there’s an anxiety about wanting, particularly, middle-class white women to produce more babies … to counteract all of these bad anchor babies.”

“Why do you think the Democrats have been gun-shy, so far, about making an issue of this?” Maddow asked.

Harris-Lacewell suggested that it’s difficult “to have the conversation [with those who believe abortion is murder] because there’s not a lot of common ground.”

Raw Story

Anyone who hasn’t seen it really needs to watch this clip:

Now back to the issue of self-loathing… Honestly, after watching that video — how can I believe that any woman who either holds those extremist views on abortion, or who votes for someone who holds them, has any self-respect whatsoever? Not that such a woman would give a damn about my female heathen baby-murdering liberal opinion anyway.  


  1. Jjc2008

    but then I do not get how (so many young) progressives became so anti labor, anti union,

    I do not get how progressives became so anti public education.

    So beside all of the things you have brought up, which I admit, profoundly and disturb, there are many things that I just don’t get.

  2. spacemanspiff

    Some people are just followers. They need to be told what to think and how to interpret situations and statements. They prey on the week minded and uninformed. Very few people are headstrong enough and smart enough to prevent being brainwashed by parents and/or entire communities. You imagine being from Alabama? Wow! It would be hard as hell to be a liberal there. 😉

  3. creamer

    Rand Paul speaks in philosophical terms that have never been tested in the real world, and that Sharon Angel, that lady’s been dipping in to the peyote or somthing cause shes freakin nut’s.

     The skinny blond has been looking for some publicity as nobody but fox gives her air time anymore. Being gay and a republican seems to be such a conflict that who speaks at your event wouldn’t seem to matter. I suppose they could have ask Jerry Falwell or that Haggard fella.  

  4. DeniseVelez

    are curious.  I have studied all the work of Franz Fanon, psychiatrist, and philosopher – who wrote extensively on the psychopathology of colonization, and I think his perceptions apply to the gay community.  Any oppressed or stigmatized group has those individuals who slavishly embrace the ideology of the oppressor.

    How we deal with those individuals, as loathsome as they may seem is a slow process and involves both political education combined with therapy.  

    Self-hate is an illness, as is low or no self-esteem – engendered by outside forces, re-enforced in the family environment, schools, the workplace and the media.

    Years of work in progressive movements have brought me into contact with black people who hate being black, women who embrace patriarchy, glbtq’s who hate queers, latinos who hate immigrants…the list is a long one.

    The women’s movement (for example) embarked on a methodology of “consciousness raising” which was in an of itself a form of group therapy.  

    I see it each semester on campus, as I encounter students who have never been exposed to any countering methods which challenge their self-hate.

    I had a young gay male student several years ago who joined the campus Republicans, pledged a gay bashing fraternity, denied being gay, hated himself for being half-Japanese…he was a total mess.

    Other students who were openly gay and progressive ridiculed him, which increased his defensive postures.

    It took me two years, and several classes with him, to get through the layers of protection he had girded himself in, and there were times I almost gave up.  Easier to just write him off since he was also obnoxious!

    I didn’t.  In his junior year he broke down in tears in my office, and I got him into counseling.  As a senior he did “come out” (even though everyone else was aware he was gay) and he left the fraternity he was in.  

    Don’t know what happened after he graduated.  Hopefully he is now more comfortable in his own skin.

    Don’t have any easy answers.  Groups like the one you highlighted are getting smaller, and will eventually die off.

    Till then just double your efforts to work with, and support groups that help folks find their way out of self-hate, fear and loathing.

  5. rfahey22

    I suppose some conservative women can justify taking a hard line in their own minds by thinking of the issue as more of a “poor person” issue than a gender-equality issue.  At the end of the day, it’s symptomatic of a larger social disease: the mindset that “I’ve got mine, and the rest of you can go to hell.”  The Coulter thing is a little harder to fathom.  


    would look like. What in the world can their idea of “fun” be?

    They say their gays are more macho than liberal straights.  Will they all be dressed like the village people or what?



    Reporter walks in to the party and there are just two guys standing there looking awkward.

    Reporter: “Is this the gay Republican party?”

    Gay Republican:  “Some of it.”

    Reporter: “Where’s the rest of it?”

    Gay Republican: “Through that door.” He points to a door from which sounds of merriment are emanating.

    Reporter: “Is that another room, then?”

    Gay Republican: “It’s the coat closet.”

  8. As I read this, I began to consider whether or not self-hate is really at play here.  It’s not like I don’t believe that self-hate is at cause, it’s that I have come to doubt that I can ever really know what another person is thinking.  So, when I look at these people that choose the GOP, when that party is clearly working against them – I wonder what they’re really thinking and if I could ever find out.  

    So, maybe some people are self-hating and I think that is quite likely.  But, what of the rest?  Why would people openly advocate for the success of a group that seeks to vilify them?  The first thing that comes to my mind is that the only way they see how to get ahead is to play along.  

    “It’s better to lick the master’s feet than to feel the sting of his boot.”

    That sort of thing.  Whether intentional or unconscious, it seems like it might be quite prevalent.  

    The status quo / Patriarchy / Cis-Het gender binary is thoroughly woven with bullying and intimidation and the messages to comply are built into every corner of human society.  We all know how hard it is to say no to constant peer pressure.  We want to succeed and have security.  We want to be on a winning team.

    Another factor I see in driving this behavior is that the status quo / pqtriarchy has so successfully and completely framed the debate over being queer, that it takes a great deal of conscious effort to speak of our own selves, communities, lives, relationships and bodies in terms that were not created by those who oppose or vilify us.  Using their language and assumptions to define us, we seek to articulate our experiences and values, but we do so in words and concepts that define us as they see us.

    I look forward to a world where their hatred is not the de facto position for defining our lives.

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