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Where is everyone?  I can talk to myself any day of the week but y’all can’t be that busy.

Good/bad stuff is happening:

Update:  I mentioned in another diary that Jim Bunning single-handedly blocked the extension of unemployment and COBRA benefits.  That’s just part of it:  Bob Cesca lists what Bunning’s obstruction means, including funding for highway projects and the impending furlough of 4,000 federal employees.  Sorry, but Reid should have made Bunning continue his crap until the Final Four.

Gov. Paterson of NY is not running for re-election.

Does anyone remember that the Senate has already passed a health care bill?  What’s all this talk about reconciliation?  And, seriously, what else is the Senate supposed to do?  I am really confused about this because I had forgotten the Senate had voted; maybe they did, too?  Or, do they have to vote again because of Scott Brown?

US Men’s hockey team will play for the gold medal.

Rep. Trent Frank of asshattery Arizona (what’s with politicians in AZ?) thinks African Americans were better off as slaves.  Waiting on Michael Steele to criticize comments and then retract same.

Rep. Dean Heller of asshattery Nevada thinks extending the unemployment benefits will lead to too many hobos (because homeless, starving people is a good thing).

The South Korean Women’s figure skating gold medallist broke her own world record score; Joanie Rochette, the Canadian woman whose mother died last weekend won the bronze.  No US woman was on the podium for the first time since 1968.

Updated: Tiger Woods spoke did not speak with both Presidents Clinton and Obama.  President Clinton did speak with the world’s number 1 golfer; the current president did not.  

Wednesday is town meeting day here in the great state of Vermont.  I’ve got some time coming to me so I might see if I get skip out of work for a few hours.

Don’t leave me here talking to myself.  It’s a sign of senility and I ain’t that old yet; birthday coming up, though.


  1. DTOzone

    in New York City today, clearly the worst of the four we’ve had this season.

    You know it’s a bad storm when a newspaper editor gets the day off!  

  2. HappyinVT

    My pick to win the Republican nominiation:

    Appearing on Fox News’s “On the Record with Greta Van Sustren” last night, Pawlenty said the federal law that mandates ER treatment should be repealed.

    “Well, for one thing you could do is change the federal law so that not every ER is required to treat everybody who comes in the door, even if they have a minor condition,” Pawlenty said. “They should be — if you have a minor condition, instead of being at the really expensive ER, you should be at the primary care clinic.”

    When Greta’s not buying your idea you know you’re in trouble:

    Van Susteren was also skeptical about Pawlenty’s proposal, pointing out that it’s difficult to tell what’s a minor condition without treating it.

    VAN SUSTEREN: OK. OK. But you come in with chest pains, and like, you get horrible chest pains. Now, it could be indigestion, which is minor, or it could be heart, which isn’t minor. So then…

    PAWLENTY: You have to do a little triage. That’s for sure.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Right. I mean, so the problem is, it’s got — I mean, there really is sort of — it’s not that easy.

    Hey, T-Paw 1) do away with the stupid nickname and 2) get an effin’ clue.  Maybe if folks could afford to go to a primary care physician in the first place they wouldn’t spend a pleasant evening in the ER.

    Can I change my nominee choice?

  3. HappyinVT

    A group of pole dancing advocates wants to do a test event in the 2012 London games, followed by a formal pitch to be added four years after that, when the Olympic Games will be in Rio De Janeiro. KT Coates of England is spear-heading the petition drive, gathering 4,000 signatures so far; she says she hopes to add 1,000 more. The Pole Dancing Fitness Association agrees with the idea, saying the Olympic Committee needs to acknowledge the number of people who participate in the competitive sport.

  4. HappyinVT

    British Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan is looking to bring the anti-tax, anti-big government fervor embodied by the American Tea Party movement across the Atlantic by hosting the inaugural “British Tea Party” event in, of all places, his home in Brighton. And, yes, Hannan promises he will be actually serving “you know, tea.”


    The “Brighton Tea Party,” as the event is known, is backed by the Freedom Association, a libertarian group that counts Hannan as a member. The American Tea Party movement has sent out an email promoting the British Tea Party. The email reveals they are also helping to organize the event.

    We’ll be happy to send you Sarah, too.

  5. HappyinVT

    Earlier today, the D.C. Court of Appeals declined to stay the impending legalization of same-sex marriages in Washington.

    … the appeals court refused to overturn a Superior Court judge’s decision not to postpone the District’s same-sex marriage from going into effect. Which means, barring some unlikely congressional intervention, come next Wednesday, March 3, gay couples can start lining up at the courthouse. (Pursuant to District law, they”ll have to wait three business days to actually do the deed, so no weddings till Tuesday.)


  6. Shoveling snow and visiting my daughter in Canandagiua right now.  If the snow lets up, we may hit the circus tomorrow.  

    I am actually working on a fairly long diary, but research is hard going with an 8 year old who hasn’t seen her Daddy in a while.  I’ve tabled the idea of writing much until I get back home.

    Good news, looks like the Colorado gig is on.  Got confirmation from the Executive Chef tonight, so I will be out in the boonies in a bit.  

  7. (well, I’m lolling and Donna is packing).

    I can’t get the camera sticks to download on the laptop so those will have to wait (with all the good pics of the family and the good video), but my iPhone pics loaded.  

    At the summit.  Cat ride from the Outpost lift gives you access to the bowls at 12,345′.  Some fat greasy hippie got in the way of the shot.

    North Bowl from partway down.  

    North Bowl looking down from the same spot.  You end up winding through the woods on narrow trails.  Some big doofus shouted “get out of the f^%$ing way!” at me and someone else, so when I saw him in the lift line I plowed into him and dropped him like a bad habit. :~)

    Starfire from the Labonte base (with my old Elan skis).  Groomed black diamond (steep, fast, no moguls).  This morning I got the very first tracks on the powder on this run and got the whole thing on video (about froze my hand solid).  One of the most perfect runs of my life.

  8. fogiv

    Got a job offer out of the blue today.  Word is out that I’m on the hunt for a place to land after my layoff.  Nice to know my professional repuation has some value.  Interestingly, I had just found a decent opening to kick a resume into this week, and I’ve got a very good shot at it.  I may have a decision to make next week.

    I hate to admit it, but I’m rather enjoying the downtime.  Ambled out in the drizzle to pick up tickets for a Ray Wylie Hubbard show for tomorrow, played a ton of guitar today, and got in some quality piano time with Jack Jack before his bedtime.



    Getting blue around the edges from waiting for healthcare reform to get passed.  Normally I wouldn’t hold my breath but every time I think of giving up, some Senator comes on the TV to say the Public Option is still very much alive or Reconciliation is right around the corner.

  10. Hubie has a post on his blog about a series of Japanese films titled The Blind Swordsman. I decided to check it out and found myself highly entertained.

    The director or cinematographer are true artists. One of the scenes really struck me so I did a screen capture to share it with Hubie. After doing one, I noticed more and grabbed to more stills towards the end of the movie. The artistic quality of the scenes was no accident. I watched another episode tonight and noticed several more that were as good or better than these.

    Blogspot blogs aren’t really set up to show an image 800px wide, so I’m posting them here so Hubie can see what I was talking about in a comment I left on his blog.

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