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Creating a Well-Rounded Food Revolution

Cross posted from Nourishing the Planet.

Check out the most recent issue of the journal Science which takes a look at ways to improve food security as the world’s population is expected to top 9 billion by 2050. To best nourish both people and the planet, the journal suggests a rounded approach to a worldwide agricultural revolution by encouraging diets and policies that emphasize local and sustainable food production, along with the implementation of agricultural techniques that utilize biotechnology and ecologically friendly farming solutions.


  1. but in the markets themselves.

    There is a lot of opposition to genetically modified seed–and some of it isn’t entirely unfounded–and likewise, the reliance on large scale seed producers and the narrowing of variety in the markets is something to watch for, but dragging our heels in simply for the label doesn’t do us a lot of good either.

    Local is a great way to go, to help support your neighbors, your local economy–too many of our dollars tend to go outside the local economy and off to the corporate accounts of Walmart or others–but likewise, we need to take a look at ways we can use agribusiness wisely.  The science is there, we just have to figure out the best ways to balance that out.

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