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Watching The Tea Party Convention

C-Span has been running the videos from the Tea Party Convention in Nashville all night, and I started watching when I got up in the morning… and, believe me, this is scary stuff. I especially was taken by one Joseph Farah, who is the Founder, CEO and Editor In Chief of WorldNetDaily.

This is scathing stuff about the country’s move to Socialism over 90 or so years, the Marxist description of President Obama, and the focus on changing our underlying culture with its non-political organizations away from the socialist-leaning entities that, he says, they have become.

It is particularly frightening to me because Theatre is one of the areas (Entertainment Industry) that Farah fingers and encourages his followers to overcome.

He ties everything together with ACORN (which he seems to think is an openly Obama-operated organization) and uses that connection to attack the poor, the immigrant population, etc., with the notion of “turning make believe crises into real crises… and why?… to take away our freedom and the American Way of life.

Is it dangerous to have this stuff up on TV… even at 6 in the morning? You bet it is. But, if like me, you believe in free speech, which I don’t think Farah does, you have to let this crap go on. If you want to accept his notion that Obama is using Government to replace God for Americans (and here I will go beyond my own non-religion base), then you will see that he is calling for an Above The Government control of the population.

If you see, as he does, that our elected leaders are a judgment on us and that we have to find tea-party-related leaders to elect, then you are already removed from freedom.

Time to actively work against these monsters.

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  1. It makes me shake my head to think that anyone takes things like WND seriously.  Someone quoted WND in a discussion recently and everyone – including all the conservatives in the room – jumped on him with groans and eye-rolling.

    This Farah windbag said exactly what the radio-talk-show hosts yesterday said some conspiracy lunatic would say – mocking what the President said at the National Prayer Breakfast, because any string of words proves what conspiracy theorists already believe.

  2. to have some of the horse’s-mouth links and info.

    The schedule, featuring such juicy sessions as:

    ANA PUIG-“Correlations between the current Administration and Marxist Dictators of Latin America”

    Sarah Palin is not listed on the Speakers page, apparently she is considered more of a Godhead (or it is an acknowledgement that she can’t put words together) and therefore needs her own page (besides, for $100,000/hour you may as well use her like a rented mule to promote your for-profit event).  Tip to the show organizers: update your website – her book has been out for a while now.

    They certainly managed to draw more people than the PUMA convention, but I’ve seen more sponsors at small-town trade shows (11, including the T-shirt vendor that every station has interviewed, and no “gold” sponsorships sold at all).

    I hate to nit-pick (no I don’t), but if you are going to charge $550 a ticket as a for-profit event headlining a Growing National Movement I suggest you find someone you can pay to word-craft your homepage better than this:

    What we have to share with one another face to face is the true value of holding this convention though the program agenda will be dynamic and action packed in its own right.

    I knew girls in highschool who could forge better “please excuse Chris for he was ill” notes.  If I have to tell you what’s wrong with this sentence that just proves that you shouldn’t be writing front-page copy on a promotional website.

    Lastly, Chris Good at The Atlantic has some interesting commentary on the divisiveness of this event among Tea Partiers which speaks, imho, to the inherent difficulties of turning this whole “movement” into anything more than an anti-GOP Naderite equivalent.

    “We’re getting massive grassroots input that they’re unhappy with what she’s doing right now,” said Jenny Beth Martin, co-founder of the group Tea Party Patriots, a national grassroots coordinating group with state and local chapters, which seeks to communicate with smaller independent groups across the nation. Martin’s group claims to have 15 million members nationwide, and Martin says it rejected an invitation to be part of the convention.

    One of those unhappy activists is Robin Stublen, 53, of Punta Gorda, Florida, who owns a grass maintenance and pest control business and runs the Punta Gorda Tea Party. Stublen says he had been active in local politics for years before the Tea Parties came about and was drawn to the movement by the now-infamous rant of CNBC’s Rick Santelli and the protests across the country on Feb. 27 last year.

    “She’s got some problems, and I don’t think she realizes the problems,” Stublen said of Palin’s involvement with the Nashville convention. “It’s a shame, because I don’t think she knows what she’s gotten herself into.”

  3. Both sides are bad.

    So, vote Republican. No. Matter. What. Happens.

    This is the brilliance of this “movement.”  It taps into angst and anger, and directs it away from the very folks who helped create said anger and angst.

    It is a gross manipulation, it is entirely disingenuous, and it exists to part the foolish from their cash, and provide willing footsoldiers to march attention away from the folks who damn near wrecked the economy of several nations, and has gotten the US into a disastrous and costly war, and damn near derailed the one conflict we could say was necessary.

    As the evolution of Astroturf, it is amazing to watch, in the sense that a trainwreck is compelling.  

  4. putting every piece of disdain I have for her in between me and the TV.

    But now she is going on about the Crotch Bomber – an important point, politics aside – like a sound-bite producing robot.  All of the parallels with the Shoe Bomber – ignored.  Intelligence produced by interrogation of the Crotch Bomber – ignored.

    Standing ovation for saying that the Constitution doesn’t apply to foreigners.  (That “all men are endowed by their Creator” line was a typo…).

    To deal with terrorism:

    “We need a commander in chief not a professor of law standing at the lectern”

    …to a standing ovation.  Heaven forbid we understand the laws of our nation, best we just “act”, whatever that means.

    “Aplogizing for America…” “and what do we have to show for it?”

    “North Korea testing nuclear weapons…” – er, that started under Bush…

    Did she just say that those around the world struggling for freedom and now wondering:

    “…if Alaska is still that beacon of hope to support their cause?”


    God, she’s a dim bulb.  And she gets cheers.

  5. creamer

    That was enough. Literacy test, real americans, blame on the brown people.

    If you speak or attend an event that starts with that then just go fuck yourself.  

  6. Charles Lemos

    was an hour fully wasted.

    She looked lost at times. Rambling, incomplete sentences. Pretty much just stock phrases. “limited government” “commonsense conservatism” “freedom-loving Americans”

    Her speech is typical of conservatives, a selected reading of history. She railed against budget deficits yet praised Reagan. Reagan never balanced a budget. Under his tenure, the national debt tripled.

    Unfortunately, too few Americans know the hard facts.

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