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Editorial Guidelines

Editorial Guidelines


1. Do not change or delete the content of a diary without first giving the diarist the opportunity to do so.

Exception: Diary title if it contains profanity (e.g., Fuck –> F**k).

2. If asked to edit a diary, edit for grammar, punctuation and spelling, not for content. Regardless of the content of the diary, never edit in a way that changes the diarist’s intent.

3. If a diary is so flawed that it needs to be edited, yet the diarist has not requested help, email the diarist and clear the edit with them before correcting the diary. If the diary does not break the site rules, do not edit or delete the diary without the consent of the diarist.

Front Page Promotions

Be sure that the diary is something that properly represents the Moose as a whole. Front Page diaries should as closely as possible match up with the overall views of the Moose. There are well-written diaries — good diaries — that just do not belong on the FP.
*For example: If someone posts an informative, well-written diary that is anti-Health Care Reform, it still should not be FP’d because it does not represent the majority stance of the Moose, and we would not want it representing the community as what a new visitor sees first.

2. Avoid FP’ing diaries of a personal nature, or diaries which contain especially controversial content.

3. Try not to FP Open Threads or Lounge Diaries unless there are no current content-bearing diaries that can be FP’d. There is nothing wrong with Open Threads or Lounge Diaries, but we should aim for content on the FP.

4. If an editor or admin did not FP their own diary, ask before doing it for them. There is often a reason they opted not to do it themselves.

5. If a diary has recently been FP’d, refrain from writing or promoting another FP diary directly over it. Let it ride for a half day or so (length of time will be flexible depending on how busy the site is — the busier the site, the lesser the time needed between FP’d diaries)

6. When FP’ing a diary

          – Correct egregious spelling and/or grammatical errors, but do not edit content.
          – Adjust the “above the fold” content so that it is approximately two paragraphs or less, plus an image.
          – Attach an image or YouTube clip related to content if one is not included.
          – Make sure the image is ___ or smaller.
          – Double check to ensure that the diary adheres to the Posting Guidelines.

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