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Meet Dale Robertson


Here he is in all his incredible glory…

Just so we’re clear, the Dale above is NOT the same Dale Robertson who was one of the more famous TV cowboys of all time.


The above Dale Robertson is the founder of Not a random sort of fella. Not just an odd duck in the movement, but a mover. A shaker. And apparently so spelling challenged that he can’t even get his racial epitaphs right. I fear what he’d call my Mother or Grandma, probably something like Nipporoons or Jips.

This is the face of the Tea Party movement. This is the face of the folks who are taking good money  and giving to folks like  Russo, Marsh, and Associates, who are large scale GOP consultants.

While some have called it a scam for folks like the Tea Party Express — Our Country Deserves Better PAC to funnel cash back to the folks who spawned their campaigns, I think it’s more important to illustrate exactly who the elements of the GOP who want to restrain our Congresscritters with these astroturf campaigns.

One picture. One simple picture shows exactly how bankrupt the folks who are pushing the Idiot Brigade to the fore in anything looking like moral  or intellectual authority.

While even Grover Norquist is back pedaling away from the Republican Party in public, the Neocon elements are waging a quiet proxy battle for the heart of the GOP, and to keep Congress in line from swerving from the course that Neocons have been blueprinting the party with for some time.

While you have folks like Dale doing their best, you have firms like Russo’s doing their level best to craft message, to keep folks directed, and FOX News to omit the overtly racist bed that they’ve decided to lay down upon, to keep folks motivated.

You can tell a lot about folks, by the company they keep. We heard that a lot during the Presidential election, and the terrorists that candidate Obama palled around with.

We heard a lot about some of the secessionists and outright loons that Sarah Palin supported.  Now we have further evidence of how bankrupt that the elements of my own party are in trying to align us with some of the basest scum in our nation.

I cannot wait for Stormfront to endorse a GOP candidate, because it may finally wake folks the hell up.



  1. HappyinVT

    else.  I’d give a few bucks to know what was originally on the sign.  Either n*igger spelled correctly or something else entirely.

    Interestingly enough, this picture was apparently taken in February 2009 but just recently came to light.  Hmmmm…

    Lastly, I’m afraid this

    Stormfront to endorse a GOP candidate

    may happen sooner rather than later.

  2. i figure the easiest way to lose credibility when criticizing obama is aligning yourself with one or more of the following:

    1) teabaggers

    2) birthers

    3) rush

    4) beck

    5) cheney

    oh and misspelling idiotic signs works too.

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