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Dear America, Chill Out!

Some say the goal of terrorists is to kill people…I say if that’s true, they’d be called mass murderers or homicidal manaics and not terrorists. Their goal is to terrorize people, whether by killing a large number of people, or by attempting to, and one wonders; when we start arresting people because they had an onset of diarreah on an airplane or we start banning people from going to the bathroom on a …plane an hour before landing, are they kicking our ass at it?

I always laugh at the concept that the terrorists haven’t won, that they haven’t succeeded in taking away our freedoms or forcing us to change our way of life. It’s laughabe because it has led to our freedoms being taken away and has led to us changing our way of life. It has led to us becoming virtual prisoners on an airplane, or having our telephone conversations listen to by the NSA. It has led to the country going into a state of panic because some dude had diarreah on an internstional flight to the point where one must fear eating spicy food before boarding a jet, should their trips to the lavatory be taken the wrong way and we go down in a barrage of bullets upon exiting the plane in Detroit by the stable Mables of the TSA.

It has led to us not knowing what to do with ourselves because our President hasn’t appeared on national television with the bravado of a general horned up on steriods and Red Bull to tell us to wave our flags higher or sing our national anthem louder, or pat us on the heads and tell us everything is going to be ok, you won’t all be blown out of the sky on a jetliner most of you aren’t even planning on flying on in the near future.

It has led to us suffocating ourselves by wrapping our homes in cellophane.

What is wrong with us when we, the so-called home of the brave, quake in our boots everytime some nutcase threatens to kill a bunch of people? Have we become nothing but a tool of comedy for terrorists? Are we becoming that little twerp in the schoolyard who becomes the source for laughter when he runs away everytime someone makes a sudden movement toward him?

There are places like Spain, India and, yes, even Israel, that deals with crap worse than this on a daily basis and those populations haven’t turned into shaking, bumbling messes of petrified people ready to give up every lsat freeedom, glued to the television waiting for their leaders to console them. What has become of America?

The irony that a country as doctrinated in Christianity as ours, a religion that teaches death is actually one’s entry permanently into a glorious utopia, is actually scared shitless at the thought of dying.

Those who truly believe God is overseeing things would believe that your time is when God decides it, whether it be at the hands of a madman, or, more likely, by a bolt of lightning. Therefore, you wouldn’t be tying yourselves in knots out of fear of dying in a terrorist attack…you would know you have no control over that.  


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