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Tuesday December 22, 2009: The Day in Tubes

It has been a working holiday for the US Senate and it would appear that they will spend this week in Washington.

Aw. That was sweet and funny Senator Burris. I am such a sap.

Michael Steele is looking for some attention. Robert Gibbs had a few choice words for Steele.

Chris Matthews has noticed an interesting trend in the republican party.

Let them represent Jesusland.


I have not always been the greatest fan of Keith Olbermann. However, he is growing on me again. He is a funny serious and charming voice of the left. The fact that he is probably an egomaniac and is an occasionally blowhard, is far outweighed by the overall appreciation of KO and Rachel Maddow and even Matthews and Schultz.

After saying that I will now state that this is one of the most hysterical things I have ever seen.  

Well done Mr Olbermann. You have surely given me nightmares, so damn you, but well done nonetheless.