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An open letter to a number of politicians, including the President:

To the Majority leaders of the Senate, the House of Representatives, their Minority counterparts, the President of the United States, and various others (such as Senators McCain, Lieberman, and all the others who are making a mess out of our legislative system and the future of our economy and our government):

What the hell is wrong with you guys? Don’t you know we are watching all of you as you behave like High School adolescents and make our lawmaking processes a joke? Don’t you know you were elected by ordinary people like me and, while we don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars to make sure your campaign hotel accommodations are first rate, we believed that in voting for you… all of you…that you would not only represent us, but LISTEN to our concerns and work together to solve our collective problems?

I don’t think you do. Any of you… and, frankly, I am losing faith in your campaign promises, your intelligence and intellect, and your ability to do the best you can for the majority of Americans.

Are you aware that at least 99.9% of the people who voted for all of you are NOT Insurance CEOs, or Bankers, or Stockbrokers, or, for that matter, Party Attack Dogs? We are working people… some of us long past the point of collecting unemployment as we try to find a job in the economy you have previously legislated into existence. Yet every day you remove your lips from some lobbyist’s backside and remove one more item from the list of reasons we originally gave you our votes. And, if you are an intentional staller like Mitch McConnell, a direct employee of the Insurance companies like Holy Joe Lieberman, or a Religion-created Anti- Abortionist like Ben Nelson, you are more concerned with making most Americans a species of serfs with no voice in the matter.

Well, I have a suggestion for all of you: Listen to what THE PEOPLE are saying and try to factor that into your decisions. And I warn you, the people are NOT saying: “don’t do anything.” They are NOT saying “make sure my money makes the Insurance companies richer.” They are NOT saying “ignore where the Banks are spending the give-away millions you gave them.”

And Nelson… for you and the anti-choice contingent in general. If you’re going to take away a woman’s right to maintain her own body, then you have to do something similar to men… my suggestion is a law requiring IMMEDIATE CASTRATION for any man who gets a woman pregnant against her will or who stands in the way of a woman’s power of choice. And make this law publicly enforced! If you do, you’ll see how fast any Abortion amendments drift away into the night.

And Mr. President, it is time for you to get off your butt and take charge of the things we elected you for. We didn’t elect you to stay out of the way of Congress. We DID elect you to keep the promises you made… or at least to TRY!

I’m getting tired of ALL OF YOU. And I’m not the only one. Your problem is that you’ll wait until there’s an election to find out for yourself.


One angry, unemployed taxpayer,

Bill Tchakirides at Under The LobsterScope


  1. and that’s fair.  I know I am more willing to “wait and see” than most, and even I am having a hell of a time with HCR.

    That being said, I’ll wait to see what the final word on HCR is, and I’ll keep an eye on how that plays out and shapes the future beyond it.

    I feel your angst.  I’m not there with you, but I understand how you got there.

  2. DTOzone

    this is not new. Look at the Civil Rights fight, it was pretty childish…hell in the 1850’s a Congressman beat the living snot out of a Senator with a cane!

    Maybe if they started doing that, people would pay attention. Al Franken sure got a rise out of the media today

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