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Daily Tubes for December 15 & 16, 2009

My girl Michele was out and about yesterday. I do love her so.


It is even more fun when juxtaposed against something smart.

Heh. It does help when one is able to string together more than two or three sentences.

The Onion is just in with interesting archeological news.

How many other on-line societies have mysteriously disappeared over the years? And what will they reveal if found?

I am terribly annoyed by the current HCR situation. Being held hostage by a petty little ogre is frustrating. Think about how President Obama feels about this…

Teh Horror!

I want more Senators like my guy. I really love Senator Al Franken. And not in a sarcastic mean way I love Michele Bachmann. No, this is true admiration and adoration for my Senator from the great state of Minnesota.

Here is a longer version if you are interested in the entire exchange. It is worth your time.


Here is a fairly good analysis of the situation at hand.

That does not mean we have to like it…

I have a personal fantasy that one or two Republicans will switch their votes making Princess Lieberman irrelevant. Snowe or Collins and Martinez. Lol. Oh and one (or more) switches to the Democratic party. Heck, they could give Susan Collin’s Homeland Security Chair. I wrote my letter to Santa yesterday, asking for this as my Christmas gift. Let’s see how he does;~J

In the mean time, laugh at this.

Happy birthday Mom.


  1. is this an open thread? i wandered into mydd today…

    it is like a total cesspool over there in the user diaries. CT’s, PUMA trolls, the usual anti-israel broken record. man… i actually feel a bit sad and nostalgic.

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