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Another LGBT Defeat- Open Thread

I’m not even gay and as a New Yorker I felt like I got kicked in the nuts today. It was so hard to try and play objective journalist today. Some of the crowing on the side of the bigots nearly caused me to break something. I even ran a red light and got caught by one of those camera things.

There’s a multitude of reasons why the vote in the NYS Senate went down the way it did. Senator Joe Addabbo of Queens was threatened by the Catholic church, who just came off a big victory by carrying a Republican to Addabbo’s old city council seat in a landslide over Addabbo’s former chief of staff. Senator Carl Krueger of Brooklyn had hundreds of calls from constituents asking him to vote no, but only a handful in favor.

Still, I feel crushed. Why? This doesn’t effect me in an any way. Why do I feel so distraught? Why did I find it hard to write the story today at work?  


  1. DTOzone

    trying to be an objective and fair while you have a gay rights activists in tears talking to you over the phone while at the same time Maggie fucking Gallagher is talking to you about how “proud” she is on the other line makes journalism a lot more difficult that it seems. Three days on the new job and I already have a war story.  

  2. spacemanspiff

    I’m stunned.

    I haven’t been following politics that close lately and just glossed over most blogs.

    I thought this was in the bag.

    Huge letdown.

    I’m sad really.

    That sums it up.


  3. DTOzone

    Blame this all on Obama (0.00 / 0)

    If he were out front on it, it would have passed. Without his leadership (as if he had a clue how to lead) it would have passed in NY.

    Bottom line: destroy Obama. He deserves it.


    by: NealB2 @ Thu Dec 03, 2009 at 01:23

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    Now that was funny lol

  4. Hollede

    The party that is out of power usually is able to stir up loud and angry voices aimed at our government over hot button issues. Democratic support of GLBT issues has been a sword used against Dems whenever they are in power and it is my community that seems hardest hit. I have watched this happen since Carter (and Carter wasn’t that GLBT friendly). The right is able to get their people to come out in droves to support hate legislation, whilst the vast majority of Americans really don’t care enough to stand up against this sort of movement.

    Thanks to you and other straight people who are willing to speak out against this hatred we may be able to push back against this tide. Oh and the crazy shit they are doing in places like Uganda may open a few eyes as well.

  5. HappyinVT

    Why in the world do people care so much about who other people sleep with or marry.  I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: you don’t believe in same-sex marriage then don’t marry someone of the same sex.  Don’t attend a church that performs such ceremonies.  But get out of other people’s lives.

    I hate to toss this in here but it is sort of related and pisses me off, too.  Apparently, a very famous golfer was sinking putts with someone other than his wife.  Now we’ve got voice messages, and maybe a sex tape (if I read the headline right), being published.  Who cares!  No one is perfect and it’s a private matter.  He ain’t even a politician.  We continue to hold famous people to higher standards and then, for some stupid reason, feel let down when they don’t live up to those expectations.

    I’ll never understand why we can’t let gay or straight people just live their lives in peace.

  6. are so difficult to advance go to read some of the comments on this article on Breitbart that was linked from drudge. They are truly despicable. I’ll bet some of these people actually call themselves Christians. They are openly applauding the laws on homosexuality under consideration in Uganda.

  7. and therefore should be left to religions.  “Civil Unions” are the legal bonds that people form.  Time may heal this entire issue, but I don’t know.  Perhaps it is better to fix the problem at it’s root and only allow the government to issue civil union certificates for anyone and leave marrying up to the churches.

    I know my church (yes, the Moose actually led me to joining a “church”, though I still have a hard time comparing Unitarians with Christians) would be happy to perform marriage ceremonies for any couple.  Free the churches from the legal process and let them do (or not do) whatever they like.

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