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John McCain Could Lose Senate Primary

Rasmussen announced a new poll on Friday showing Senator John McCain may be in trouble at home where a polarized electorate has him facing constant criticism from both the left and the right.

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The poll shows McCain tied with former Congressman and current talk radio host J.D. Hayworth in a hypothetical Republican primary. Hayworth, who has become an outspoken local hero among immigration-control activists, lost his House seat to Rep. Harry Mitchell (D) in 2006. Since then, Hayworth has promoted the Tea Parties on his radio show and has spoken at Tea Party events, including the April 15 rally in Phoenix. Hayworth has expressed interest in running but has been tight-lipped on whether or not he intends to actually file as a candidate against McCain.

Rasmussen has McCain at 45% and Hayworth at 43% (4% margin of error). Although McCain’s loudest opponents from the right usually cite immigration as the key issue, Minutmen founder Chris Simcox only reached 4% in the poll. According to the poll, Hayworth is more popular overall among the GOP, especially among the younger GOP sect. McCain fares better with females and moderate Republicans.

Rodney Glassman, the only Democrat who has filed to run against McCain, was not included in the poll. Glassman is a young Tucson city councilman who has the support of the local and state Democratic Party structure and is considered an up-and-comer in Arizona politics.

McCain has not faced a serious challenge to his senate seat since 1986.


  1. HappyinVT

    Pat Leahy is getting challenged from the Left.  I’m taking a look because it might be interesting to get someone new, who’s right on the issues, is Congress.

    Plus, McCain ain’t a spring chicken.

  2. He’s back to being the anti-torture decent guy now that he isn’t cornered into supporting Plastic Palin and the Tea Bag Parade.

    I think AZ could end up with a much worse GOP Senator.

  3. HappyinVT

    On December 5, for $250, you could have the (cough!) honor of posing for a photograph with Sheriff Joe Arpaio and former Congressman J.D. Hayworth. Or, you could go into your bathroom and flush $250 down the toilet — whatever seems like a better value.

    That’s right, Joe is hosting a fundraiser for Hayworth’s “The Freedom in Truth Trust.” In other words, Arpaio is trying to help pay off Hayworth’s lawyers.

    The Freedom in Truth Trust is little more than a fund set up to pay Hayworth’s legal bills incurred while defending his ties to disgraced politico Jack Abramoff.


  4. given his relationship with Abramoff, and his choice to keep campaign funds from Abramoff, after the whole fraud thing.

    I think that if he tried to knock McCain down, that someone would hammer him. He is outspoken, but most of what he says appeals to the closet racists in the state.  He goes for McCain’s seat, he’s going to hand McCain the Hispanic Republican vote.

    Given his scandals, I think that radio is probably the best place for him, because I really don’t see him able to run without getting nailed for the incongruities with he and his wife’s finances. Not when running on financial issues.  

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