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Monday October 26, 2009: The Day in Tubes

Apparently Sarah Palin is going to be on Oprah Winfrey’s show. I am not a fan of Oprah, but Sarah and Oprah might be an interesting pair to watch. Headzup gives us a preview.


There is another book coming out on Sarah Palin. It’s called “Going Rouge”, and looks hilarious. More from VideoNation and The Insider.

Now there is a book I will check out from the library.

Wow. It seems that there is at least one reporter with a soul that is no longer for sale at fox.

Personally, I think MSNBC has too many repugnant pundits on their shows.

Waddya know? Has the Senate actually moved? I suggested a week or so ago, that someone kick them to see if they were actually alive. There seem to be too many caveats in this bill and we will need to see what the final product looks like. However, good on us though, because I think we all gave them a hell of a swift kick and resuscitated the beast from it’s death throes. Perhaps….

I guess he can’t help it if he looks like a corpse.

Lee Camp has some important stuff to tell us about net neutrality.

Net Freedom. I like that.

A bit of a blast from the past. I was chatting with a friend earlier this evening, and was trying to explain Minnesota. The best way I know how is to show you a Minnesotan I really like. Here he is almost a year ago, giving his two cents about his choice for President.

Smart guy. And very, very funny. Here is a taste of Garrison Keillor and the News from Lake Wobegon.

Can’t get anymore Minnesota than that.

Sorry about not posting last week. I have all the tubes picked out, and have even written some of the narratives, but I have been having some trouble finishing anything lately. I may yet post them as bonus tubes, because last week was pretty funny (if you ask me). Of course I am one twisted sister, so I wouldn’t suggest actually doing that;~J


  1. Hollede

    you probably would not like Minnesota. We are a droll and self deprecating lot, with a dash of northern arrogance that comes from living in the harsh winters and sweaty summers.

    Oh and some of us are fairly lazy and quite clever about it. Check out this story about a Duluth Minnesota guy who received a DUI in his motorized La-Z-Boy.

    Not the criminal La-Z-Boy, but it does look kind of fun.

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