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What's happening with gas prices?

Did anyone notice their gasoline prices going up in the past week. Ours in the Eastern Panhandle of WV went up around $.20 a gallon… and I’m not sure why (unless the oil and gas industry is trying to get us upset with the current administrations (state and federal) before any elections come up in 2010.

Then I got an e-mail with a petition to Congress in it from a group called “Stop Oil Speculation Now” blaming the increased price on unregulated oil speculators on Wall Street – you know, the guys who got us over $4.00 a gallon before the  2008 elections –  and urging us to tell our elected officials that we are against this and want them regulated.

Then it turns out that this group is a front for the Petroleum Marketers Association of America. They are representing a coalition that includes:


   Agricultural Retailers Association

   Air Carrier Association of America

   Air Line Pilots Association

   Air Transport Association

   Air Wisconsin Airlines Corp.

   AirNet Systems Inc.

   Airports Council International-North America

   American Eagle Airlines

   American Moving and Storage Association

   American Trucking Associations

   Atlantic Southeast Airlines

   Cape Air

   Chautauqua Airlines

   Colgan Air

   Colorado Wyoming Petroleum Marketers Association



   Compass Airlines

   Empire Airlines

   Era Aviation


   Fuel Merchants Association of New Jersey

   Gasoline & Automotive Service Dealer’s of America


   Grand Canyon Airlines

   Great Lakes Aviation

   Gulfstream Int’l Airlines

   Horizon Air

   Island Air

   Jazz Air

   Lynx Aviation

   Mesaba Aviation

   National Business Aviation Association

   New England Airlines

   New York Heating Oil Association

   Petroleum Marketers Association of America

   Piedmont Airlines

   Pinnacle Airlines, Inc.

   PSA Airlines

   Regional Airline Association

   Republic Airlines

   Shuttle America

   SkyWest Airlines, Inc

   Trans States Airlines

Notice the large number of airline-related companies here?

And then there’s the Agricultural Retailers Association, which is pushing Corn products as fuel.

Notice there are no taxpayer representatives or consumer representatives on their list. This makes me wonder what, if anything, is really going on here and I am unusually suspicious.

Now I am NOT opposed to regulating oil prices and the petition was not one that went beyond those boundaries, so signing it may be a good thing. However, I want to keep my eyes and ears open here. It’s much too easy for Big Commerce to take advantage of us little guys.

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  1. DTOzone

    rose from $70 to $80 in less than two weeks…that’s why.

    Here in NY it’s up about 10 cents in the past week, but about where it was a month ago.

    For the record, the price of oil is tumbling today, so.

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