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Doing (Po)Orly

From MSNBC last week. Psycho birther, Orly Taitz is in a bit of trouble.

Federal Judge Clay Land slapped birther Orly Taitz with a $20,000.00 fine, for filing what he calls a frivolous lawsuit, by . In a scathing 43 page order District Judge Land claims that Ms Taitz is attempting to misuse the Federal courts to press “wild accusations”. The move follows a lawsuit by Taitz demanding President Obama prove his citizenship before deploying an army captain to Iraq and Afghanistan. Judge Land writes that Taitz behavior in the case borders on delusional

You remember Ms Taitz. She was on all the news shows earlier this summer. And just last month, she was convinced that she would have President Obama “out of office in 30 days.”

Oops. Poor Orly. She must be so disappointed.