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Daily Tubes for October 12 & 13, 2009

Oh Contessa. I love you, but really, this interview with Representative Grayson was a bit silly.


What I did was like a Bob Dylan protest song, what Wilson did was like a belch.

God, I love this guy.

I have a new hero. White House Communication Director Anita Dunn. She goes after faux news with a vengeance.

I think I am in love again.

Headzup is back with another exclusive with Lumpybag.

Yep. I just can’t beat that;~J

Headzup again, with an interview with the President, regarding his Nobel Peace Prize win.

Heh. You gotta love the humility demonstrated by Mr. Obama.

LOL. First of all, faux has a Sunday news program? Second, Liz Cheney is the one I would turn to for an opinion on the subject of the President winning the Nobel Peace Prize? Oh yeah, she has soooo much cred in that area. LMAO.

So I am flipping around quite a bit on subjects, but the last two days have had a plethora of issues to examine. I really like this Joe Sestak from Pennsylvania. Chris Matthews asked Sestak about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

Joe is running against Democrat turned repug turned Democrat, Arlan Specter. I am not sure of his chances, but Arlan is waaaay too conservative and opportunistic for my taste.

Shepard Smith is really starting to turn me on. He goes after Michael Steele on health care again. I am finding Shep kinda sexy lately. First Alan Grayson and now Shepard Smith. This is causing me a fundamental shaking of my core identity.

You da man, Shep!

The Onion is just in with a story of man vs. fire. Can President Obama arbitrate a truce?

If anyone can negotiate with a wildfire, it would be President Obama. Good luck sir. Oh and I am not the first to post this tube. Grrrrr.


  1. Hollede

    I will try to keep up on the Daily Tubes better from now on. Now that some of you have discovered my Divinity, I feel that I owe my minions consistency;~J

    I need to get that website going,

  2. Hollede

    with a six year old boy in it. Apparently there are very long tethers hanging down. I don’t know if this would work, but I called MSNBC with the idea of using a small slow moving aircraft to grab the tethers and pull it down. Although perhaps any plane would be too fast and cause too much trauma to the balloon to work.

    Sorry, I cannot believe there is a little boy in that balloon! And I want to save him! OY!!!!

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