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How to Take Back America…

The “How to Take Back America” Conference geared up in St. Louis.  

Yes. Phylis Schlafly. I did go there. A woman who hates women, and who hates so much of America, wants America back.

The problem is, she and her ilk just had it, and that’s the problem.

We are soaking in failed fiscal policy. We are looking at the fallout of regulatory agencies that refused to actually do their jobs. We are in the middle of an undeclared war in Iraq, and its rebuilding, and we have ignored the one conflict that we had full support of the world community to execute, and left it to wither on the vine. We have squandered our diplomatic capital, and we have taken any moral high ground we might have had in Afghanistan, and wasted it by not pursuing the objective before us, and we have alienated much of the international community.

Neocons and their adherents and fellow travelers have had control for years. If anything, it’s time to take back the reins from idiotic Ivory Tower types who experimented with their theories of international relations, and half assed economics with real live nations, and we are currently soaking in them.

For all the so called ‘values voters’ and ‘freedom callers’ the problems this nation faces right now, are all because you got your way. You don’t like what you see?

Then take some goddamn responsibility you whining, puling maggots for the messes you’ve made, and the childish tantrums, and own up to your mistakes. Listening to a bunch of idiots who are cheering for the continuation of the very policies that GOT us in this mess doesn’t do anything to make we want to hand the Wing Nut Brigade any more.

No more.

You had your chance. You used that chance. And you’ve damn near bankrupted this nation in more ways than you could possibly imagine, and you want to point fingers?

Take a look in the mirror.

It’s not homosexuals, atheists, or voter registration organizations that threw a wrench in the economy. It wasn’t a bunch of godless Commies who flew planes into buildings. It was idiots who mouth empty platitudes, and let games theoriticians play with our nations, and others, and plunged us into the morass of questionable deals and morally bankrupt policies that squandered tax payer dollars to line the nests of buddies with outsourcing of vital services in a useless war that allowed Al Qaida a foothold in a nation that was secularly controlled, and half assed policies for securing that nation that let them spread their rhetoric and Fundamentalist teachings across Iraq.

You may have had the best of intentions, but without actual ideas, and instead only empty ideology, that doesn’t mean squat. Apparently, you idiots didn’t actually learn a damn thing in the last 50 some odd years of watching the USSR serve ideology over sound policy, and you empty headed ninnies cheer when people propose more of the same.

You are what is wrong with this nation, you outmoded, outdated relics of a bygone age, and weep for its return, never minding the disasters that you’ve already served us.

Yes. I am indeed angry. Lauding idiots like Joe “Hey, I’mma wifebeater” Wurtzel and celebrating him as some Everyman ranks up there with elevating someone as dimwitted and demagogic as Sarah Palin, and starting off with Phylis Schlafly?

Damnation, we need another damn party. We need one. At this point, I am so disgusted with the leadership that if offered the chance to actually join an actually fiscally responsible party, that didn’t try to appeal to the Wing Nut Brigade, I’d leap. Between apologists who ignore the racism in their midsts and prayer circles as national defense, the GOP is in, as Jabba the Hutt put it, deep poodoo. And this conference has only illustrated, that the response to the deep troubles that the nation faces, is more of the damn same that got us here in the first place…



  1. Jjc2008

    for as long as I can remember.

    Her, Anita Bryant, and all these idiot women who want to set us all back a century or two.

    I am also disgusted with Kurt Cameron.

    Don’t want to just go after the women. 8)

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