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"I Don't Need Maternity Care."

Not much of a diary but I am stunned at what I just saw. Namely that before the Senate Finance Committee wrapped up for the weekend, members debated one of Senator Jon Kyl’s of Arizona amendments, which would strike language defining which benefits employers are required to cover.


Senator Debbie Stabenow of Michigan argued that insurers must be required to cover basic maternity care as several states have no such requirements.

As TPM notes of the exchange:

“I don’t need maternity care,” Kyl said. “So requiring that on my insurance policy is something that I don’t need and will make the policy more expensive.”

Stabenow interrupted: “I think your mom probably did.”

The amendment was defeated, nine to 14.



  1. Shaun Appleby

    As Josh notes:

    With Sen. Kyl pointing out that men have no interest in having insurance cover child birth, no doubt women will note that they have little interest in covering prostate and testicular cancer. And surely men will get back into the act and want to get out of under the cost of covering breast cancer, which very few men get.

    Josh Marshall – Sen. Kyl on Health Care Talking Points Memo 25 Sep 09

    The Republicans are digging themselves a deep and wide abyss in which to bury the Grand Old Party.

  2. you have to look no further than the friends I am staying with this weekend.  FOX-watching, gun-collecting folks who thought Obama was a scary socialist wingnut.  She is an ER nurse and we spent an hour or two discussing health care reform and while not as unquestioningly enthusiastic as the most leftward-leaning of us here, they are in favor of “something getting done” to fix the mess and they hope Obama and the Dems pull off something that works.

    I think that sums up at least 60% of the solid meat-and-potatoes “right”.  The Glenn Beck wingnut brigade aren’t winning points with my friends here.

  3. Jjc2008

    I am not.

    Seriously, I used to be stunned when (some) people who labeled themselves Christians supported segregation, opposed any form of government help for the poor, would as soon kick a homeless person as they walked over them, and mocked anyone who actually gave them money.

    I used to be stunned when people like Newt trashed as evil Clinton for getting a BJ while cheating on his second wife….

    I used to be stunned when the religious right gave all out to candidates like “Hot Tub Tom” Delay.

    I am not longer stunned by much on the right.  The “pro life” people are really pro birth.  Many could care less about the fetus once it is born, especially if that being has brown skin.

  4. HappyinVT

    “MeMeMeMeMeMeMe.”  As long as Sen. Kyl is taken care of screw everyone else.  Does he have underage daughters who might need maternity care?  What about his wife (assuming she’s still in her childbearing years)?  What about his colleagues who do have one or the other or both?

    We all pay for things we don’t necessarily use: schools, roads, police, fire, libraries.  Wars.  Congresspersons’ salaries and healthcare.

  5. Hollede

    they used to say that the new republicans were Democrats who got mugged. Now I am thinking that the new Democrats were republicans who lost their 401K or health care or job.

    Sorry, but that put me in a cynical mood.

  6. alyssa chaos

    how much people could just not care about each other.

    Kyl doesn’t care because it doesn’t directly affect him.

    Now if thats how everyone thought, gosh I dont even want to know where the hell we would be.

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