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Prop H8 and CaliforniWashingMaine

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It’s happening…

All over again!

This pack of lies has now made its way from Massachusetts to California to Maine. Again, it’s the same ol’ friggin’ story. And just like California, the religious right is heavily invested in stripping many thousands of Maine families of their fundamental civil rights.

Real families will be hurt if Question 1 passes in Maine…

Just like real families in California are now suffering because of Prop H8.

Fortunately, groups like Courage Campaign and the Restore Equality 2010 are working to undo the damage of H8 in California. But in the mean time, we can’t let the same mistake be made again. That’s why it’s critical that we do whatever we can to ensure that Maine LGBT families don’t suffer the same painful loss that California’s families had to endure. Please give whatever you can to No on 1 so they can fight the lies.

And by the way, don’t believe the radical right when they say they’re only concerned about “traditional marriage”. The State of Washington is not even voting on marriage this November, but they are already using many of the same ugly attacks tossed out in Maine and California to strip Washington families of domestic partner rights. Yes, you heard me right, comprehensive domestic partnerships in Washington state are under attack!

Just today, a new poll on Referendum 71 (R-71) has been released by the Approve 71 campaign. While R-71 is ahead 51-44, it’s a small margin that leaves no room for error or complacency. If R-71 is rejected, then many thousands of Washington families will lose even the most basic legal protections that even California and Nevada now have with comprehensive domestic partnerships.

Now let me say this again. R-71 is not even about marriage equality, yet the radical right is out to strip many thousands of Washington families of even the most basic civil rights and legal protections. This should be a wake-up call to all of us love warriors for equality that the forces of bigotry won’t be satisfied until we’re all locked away in the closet again.

This is why it’s critical that we get involved!

2009 is an off-year election. Most people typically don’t vote in these special election. That’s why we progressives must work extra hard to turn out enough votes to defeat Question 1 in Maine and approve R-71 in Washington. Failure to do so could very well set back further pro-equality legislation on the federal level. Failure to do so could very well hurt the California campaign for marriage equality in 2010. Failure to do so could jeopardize even our domestic partnerships in Nevada.

Believe me, our opponents won’t give up easily. Even if you think you don’t care about Washington and Maine, reconsider. Remember the pain we all felt when Prop H8 passed in California. Imagine feeling it all over again… And then do something to stop this from happening all over again! Please do whatever you can to help defeat Question 1 in Maine and/or approve R-71 in Washington. Let’s defeat the same radical right forces behind Prop H8 once and for all so we can move forward in fighting for full equality.


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